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    The trend of renting furniture & accessories for our homes.

    There are advertisements on the various platforms wherein the furniture and accessories are available on rental schemes of your choice. I am wondering as to how far this suits to Indian style. But one thing for sure is that those who have lots of money have got some good options for their luxurious life. Sections of the society who are staying in temporary accommodations and others having a set-up of offering rental office spaces to the others can have the best of the options available in the market. No doubt that in future this could be settled as yet another business options for the entrepreneurs. What do the members have to say on this?
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    Yes there are families which lives on renting furniture and fixtures as they are keep on shifting the homes from one place to another and thus by purchasing the furniture they are going to spend more time and money in shifting them , whereas they can change the things on rent frequently and of course the things has to be maintained new and cannot be damaged. In Secunderabad there are big furniture dealers who can supply the entire home needs, just you have to take care of the clothes , that's all. Even they has the spare gas cylinder which is always trouble some aspect for every house hold shifting to new place.
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    In cities like Chennai,Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Calcutta and Delhi, houses fully furnished are available on rent. My son stayed in Chennai with his wife for 10 months. They charge a little extra but for the tenant it is very convenient. He need not spend a lot of money for purchasing the furniture and when they change the job the transportation of luggage will also become economical.
    In the same way luggage on hire is also very attractive. But renting months together is not that economical. You may have to spend a lot of money on rent. Instead of that purchasing the items one after another based on our financial position will be an easy proposition rather than taking individual items for rent for longer times. But air coolers or air conditioners for summer can be taken on rent. That will give us an advantage so that we need not spend huge money.

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