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    How to fly around India by flight in one day?

    I wish to fly over India.
    Members, To pass my time, and to enjoy the pleasure of air travel, I wish to fly by Air and see India in one day. I would like to visit the airports starting from Bangalore > Chennai > Hyderabad > Calcutta > Delhi > Mumbai > Thiruvananthapuram > Bangalore.

    Is it possible to go around within 24 hours? What would be the total cost if I schedule my travel in the month of November and book seats now?

    @ This is not for TOW contest.
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    By the way I am not able to understand the advantage of such a air travel without grounding in the en route destinations and then have claim of visiting so many places. Yes it is possible to visit all the places you have listed and wished starting from 5 am and finish by late evening , provided you have the connecting flights booking or some flights will pass through other city. For example if you book a Chennai- Delhi flight, then you are supposedly traveling over the Bengaluru and Hyderabad cities over the skies and of course you wont be knowing. In that case going to Mumbai and there onward to Kolkatta is easy.
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    It is not for some advantage or disadvantage. It would be a fun trip to remain over the air in Indian space for a day. You can call it as a picnic on the air.

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    To answer your question we have to do a lot of search regarding various flights and their timings. But when I have seen the list given by you, I felt it is not possible in 24 hours. But if you hire a flight for you and without landing in any airport if you just touch and go, you may be able to visit the entire India in 24 hours. The pilot will tell you that we have reached this place and that place. But the amount of money you have to spend will be very high. Once you are ready for spending that money you can try the company you like for getting a flight hired.
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    We must enjoy life in all the ways. I feel like roaming on the air for 24 hours over Indian space. Your good suggestion to spent my days in the Kerala backwaters by drinking tender coconut; eating the Kappa and fish; also noted for compliance.

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    SuN, very soon India is going to send its man in space under 'Gaganyan' mission. He can see not just India but the whole Earth in one day. Hope you be that man.
    I can understand your fun wish as I also had such fun wishes once,. But science study and more awareness slowly changed them and now I cherish some different wishes.

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