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    Like in social media why this forum box wont support taking image with pasting command ?

    Some times I feel like posting some images in between the forum content so that it gives greater impression to our content. At least in social media we have the option to copy paste any image of any size in the writing box itself , thereby we need not opt for importing from source and then upload. Same way this forum box should also have that options. Surely members wont misuse the options if implemented and some personal clicked images, images created through paint options can be posted here. Any comments ?
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    I agree with the author that there should be forum feature that lets user to insert images .I also think that ISC should roll out some new features for its user so that we can create more impressive and engaging content.

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    Since the forum is basically a platform for discussion, it is not understood how images are going to make any difference. Provision already exists wherein an image can be attached as a response in exceptional cases where insertion of an image can give a new dimension to a content or will help in making a view or idea clearer. It is a known fact that ISC is not a social media site and the purpose of the forum is not the sharing of any information or piece of news for the sake of it. That being the case, I don't, personally, support this suggestion.
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    Images can be utilized to substantiate one's argument. For example, just now I have seen an advertisement in the Pakistani newspaper 'Dawn' where Pakistani Rangers (Pakistani border guards) seek to fill up the posts of sanitary workers by non-Muslims only. I could have submitted/uploaded the image of the advertisement here to give a practical example of how that great society works. But in the absence of that facility, I am missing this opportunity. An image is much stronger to prove/substantiate something, isn't it?
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    The author has rightly pointed out the importance of image. To prove some point, necessary picture always impact the reader in a great way. I think the option is already there in the Forum section and I have seen in few threads that a picture is actually given.

    I remember one particular thread, where the story of a young girl of 6 years who donated the whole amount, saved for purchasing a bicycle, for flood relief in Kerala was mentioned. After the forum post, somebody attached the picture of that girl. I remember another post where picture was given, but cannot recollect the topic right now.


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