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    Who gives them our cell phone numbers?

    A few minutes before, I received a call from an unknown lady introducing herself as a trustee of some charitable organization I have never heard of. I just told her that I will get back to her. Every single day, I receive phone calls for buying credit cards, taking personal loans, debit cards, home loans and what have you!

    I really wonder who gives them these numbers. Even when I am so busy with official work, these calls come from nowhere. One theory going around is that the bank officials are sometimes bribed to give the cell phone numbers ( this is unverified). Another is the Aadhar card data, which is another source of worry.

    Can some Member please do tell me how our confidential information is leaked?
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    There are many ways and means for them to get the phone numbers. We give our phone numbers to our banks. We give it to them in many places. Online we are giving our phone numbers in many places. We download many apps in our cellphone. They will get access to all our details. The phone service providers also will exchange their numbers from one provider to another provider.These are the ways where our cell numbers will be easily available to all the interested parties.
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    I too do not understand how others get to know my e-mail ID and cell phone numbers. I receive many messages through e-mail. Someone says," Sun, Your application is approved." Sun, Your credit card is ready". 'Sun, I want to contact you." etc.

    Yesterday, one lady called me over my cell phone and said," Sir I am from ........ Can you spare two minutes to listen me." I said,' Sorry Lady, I have no time to hear you. I am busy." She said,"Thank You, Sir" and dropped.

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    There is no particular source from where these people get our cell phone numbers. Multiple sources do exist. Suppose you went to a shopping mall to purchase things, while paying for the items they will ask for your number and you will get periodic updates from them. They have a database, which is used for marketing purpose. At times we unknowingly register our mobile numbers for some online/offline contests, which in turn finds a way to the Vendor's hands. While installing a mobile app, in many cases, we need to accept certain terms & conditions where sharing of our contact details is one of the criteria. If our number is mentioned somewhere in the social media, then also there is a lot of chance of falling it to the hands of marketing agencies.

    There are many organizations dealing with the database of customers and they sell it to the vendors. Those who are in the online promotion business purchase these data.

    Generally the Bank officials, who are permanent bank employees, never share customer data. It is the temporary agents, who switch over to different banks or marketing companies , from where the numbers are circulated. Aadhaar data is secured inside servers and unless it is hacked there is no chance of leaking it.

    The whole business industry is run through various forms of marketing and when you are disclosing your number to any one of them there is high chance of circulation of the data elsewhere.


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    Yes Sir. This seems to be the case. The multiple types of people calling up is very irritating. It does get very personal also at times. The speaker at the other end happily goes on talking even when we want to hang up quickly.

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    I also feel the same. They call in the midst of important meetings. They can call during any romantic moment. They can call inside the cinema hall. They can call when a parent is teaching his/her child/children. They can call anytime, anywhere.

    Most probably they get our numbers from various service providers with whom we share our numbers.

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    There are many ways to get the phone numbers of ours. Some gullible companies are sending tricksters to the schools with children liking things like balloons and chocolates and get the phone numbers of many as now a days children are well versed with their parents phone numbers. And those who are active on social media, it is easy to get the phone numbers, and those who applying to online applications and other things, it is easy to get phone numbers and above all if one is contacted , they are ready to divulge the phone numbers of other friends and thus there is no privacy or security to safeguard our numbers from others exposure. And when my daughter was about to get the seat in the MBBS, I was really bombarded by so many calls and in fact I am receiving still many calls for the MBBS seat abroad. It seems the college is giving the numbers for the price.
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    Our phone numbers and email addresses are available with banks, Govt deptt and many private companies. From there they are leaked out in the internet through the handiwork of some hackers or miscreants.

    These numbers are easily available to these callers who are always in a process of trapping the gullible people for their products or schemes which in many cases are fictitious in nature.

    The best thing is to bar these numbers either using some app or simply saving them with some mnemonic like cut1, cut2 etc so that as soon as you see these things on the mobile screen you can ignore and disconnect the call.

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