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    Are you successful in life?

    There are thousands of Members of ISC (although less than hundred are active). The Members write in ISC. They (including myself) give valuable advice on various issues. We learn how to be successful at work, during the interview, in the examinations, etc. We learn how to handle our bosses and colleagues, how to discipline the children, how to travel with children and elders. We come to know how to deal with the elders and how to earn money.

    Nowadays I feel curious. Do we follow our own advice and the guidance which we receive? If we abide by these guidances all of us would be successful in every front. We will be wealthy like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates. We will have a perfect relationship with our seniors, colleagues and subordinates. We would have nicely groomed children and we would leave a complete life with our family members.

    But is it so? Are we very successful in our life? What is your opinion in this regard? Have you achieved complete success?
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    Being successful in life is a state of mind of being satisfied or not satisfied. So either by choosing any of this would possibly let us decide of our stand onto this context.

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    Whatever we aim, if we are able to achieve, we can say we are successful. Some of us will be having good ideas about the various aspects of life and we may be able to plan to success. But we may not be having enough resources to do that work. Hence we may not be able to do that. But we can advise the same to the people who are having enough resources, they may become successful.
    Again the definition of success may vary from person to a person. If I expect to pass SSC in first attempt and I do that, I will say I am successful. For somebody getting first class is only success. That is how it varies from one to the other.

    always confident

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    According to my understanding, all the members here in ISC are successful in their life. That's the reason they are here to spare their time to contribute their best, and render advice to others through their writing.
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    The word Success has always been a challenging word for me to understand. I still wonder what Success in true sense is. Different people define Success in different terms & parameters. I can see that Success & Failure, both are relative terms. There cannot be absolute Success or Failure.

    And if Success is a relative term, how can I ever say I am Successful? Does money define success, does your social status define success, and does luxury car or mobile or a big house define success?

    If someone who is not happy, can enjoy these things? If everything is transient, how am I ever going to be satisfied & successful?

    What is Success?

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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