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    What do advanced societies think and say about fate?

    Very recently, Anand Sir had raised a superb thread about fate. It is so much a part of our Indian philosophy. There are many who are quite inactive and quickly say, " this is all my fate".

    It will be interesting to know what the advanced nations think about fate. If any Member had read something interesting from any source about fate and its nuances, please do let us know.

    In the West, ( I have not visited any country), am told, people work so hard and even if they are religious, do not show it. They do not seem to be following any philosophy. But how do they achieve all that they achieve? This is a very interesting question, though one answer could be the influence of technology. What is their thinking?

    Members may please share their thoughts.
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    I think, everyone born as a human being are subject to their fate or their destiny. If the West have no belief in fate or destiny, the words fate and destiny would not have got a place in the dictionary. The advanced societies or the advanced world countries, or any developed countries or developing countries or backward countries go with the fate or the destiny. It was the fate of Japan to to see a nuclear bomb drop and destruction, and it is the fate of Japan to move ahead of all other countries in technology.
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    Sivakumar, I suggest you post the contents in this thread after necessary changes as a response to this thread which is dealing with the same topic and is still active.

    Please do not raise threads on the same or similar subject by bifurcating the different angles when a thread is already active in the forum.

    This thread is being locked now.

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