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    What is the impact of sky rocketing petrol and Diesel prices on common man?

    As of now Petrol price is almost inching towards Rs.100 as it stands on Rs.86 at present and Diesel costing around Rs.75 per liter. There is no indication of its price decreasing as of now. The ruling BJP party has not showing any soft hand to save the people from this price havoc but it has shown a soft corner during the time of Karnataka elections. If the same trend continues what will be the fate of common man? Do you think this heavy hike in petrol prices will affect the prospects of BJP in general elections? When UPA in rule, BJP attacked Congress for hike of petrol prices at that time? But what is BJP doing now?
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    The impact is the same for the poor people and for the rich people. All of them face hardship due to the increasing price of essential commodities like petrol/diesel. This is a universal truth. What is there to ask?
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    The increase in petrol and diesel prices is a chain reaction. It will definitely reflect in the prices of many household and utility items. That is going to effect everyone.

    The upper and rich class can absorb this but the lower and middle class will be affected much.

    It is difficult to relate it to the victory of a particular political party in the next elections.

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    What I feel that the sudden increase of petrol and diesel price is to mitigate the flood ravage and the claims being made by different states across the country and the worst being Kerala which has to be helped for rebuilding purpose and that would cost 20,000 crores as rough estimates. Though natural calamities relief fund is created, it has merely 5000 crores and that is not sufficient to cater to the needs of all states which are battered by the vagaries of the nature. So the increase of petrol prices would be for time being and then slowly reverted to the old pricing and there is no other go.
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    It is true. The prices are shooting up like anything. Earlier once if I fill the car tank with diesel, it is costing around 2500 rupees. But now it has gone up to almost 4000 rupees. I don't know whether it will further increase. This will have a major impact on many items and all the people has to give away huge money for their normal living. But there is no way out.
    Even with such a high rate the consumption is not coming down. The requirements are increasing. An alternative energy source is to be pursued like biodiesel which will make the travel cheap and pollution also will comedown. Already Indian government started mixing biodiesel in normal diesel in some areas, I think. As the manufacturing of biodiesel is increasing ,the consumption of will also increase and the rates will also comedown.
    Recently one aircraft was also travelled by using biodiesel. A private company in India used it. This is also a good development.I think government should encourage this ethanol production so that the percentage in diesel may be also increased.

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