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    Query regarding the payments of my articles.

    Dear sir/ma'am,
    I have posted 3 articles in total on your site. My first article was rejected. My second was under review by the editors for 3 days. I have not received any information if it is accepted or not. And the third article was posted by me today. I want to ask in detail about the procedure to get payments after posting the articles. How much time it takes to be reviewed by the editors and when will I receive my payments of my articles.
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    Sarika, first of all, welcome to the best educational site in India. In contrast to the normal course adopted by new members, you have opted to start by contributing to the article section. Before answering your query, I hope you have read and understood the Posting Guidelines and other Help Topics so as to get an idea of the requirements of this site. It may please be noted that no posts which are in violation of our guidelines will be published.

    Coming to your query, though our endeavour is to review and clear all articles at the earliest, it depends on the various related points like experience, reputation and consistency of the author on the site, the subject dealt with, availability of editors and so on. Articles submitted by new members generally take more time to be reviewed because it needs to be checked for different aspects minutely to ensure correctness.

    You have said that the first article submitted by you was rejected and you must be aware of the reason. The subsequent articles are just about two or three days old. So, you will have to wait. Approved articles are allotted points and cash credits based on certain established criteria and the same will be reflected in your dashboard. Payments are released at the end of the month once you reach your payment threshold.

    Being a new member, I suggest you be active in sections like the forum for some time until you get acquainted with the site which will make your journey ahead smoother. All the best!

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    Sarika warm welcome to this site and great to note that you have submitted three articles so far. What I can say is that a person who does not know cooking has entered the wedding kitchen. Hope what I am trying to imply here is clear. This site is highly moderated and especially the article section is having trained editors who look for various discrepancies in your submitted articles for a total presentation like heading, summary, body content, author's view and conclusion and all must be submitted with good English without any mistakes. Then only there are chances of approving the article. And being new, there is every chance of copy-pasting activities from other sites which are not allowed. So try your writing ability in this forum and then attempt good articles which would be approved and even accorded with good cash credits too. If you have further doubts, please put up the same for total clarification.
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    Before proceeding on this site know completely about the site.Be aware of the rules and regulations on this site. You should also know all the details regarding various sections of this site and you should also read all the help topics also. This will make you well conversant with the site. In this process you will also know how your payment will be made. Generally the minimum payment will be decided by the Webmaster. It may be generally Rs.1000/-. But earlier for the first payment, Rs.300/- is taken as minimum amount. Anyhow the amounts may vary. But I assure you, unlike many other sites, ISC is very punctual and regular in announcing the payments and paying the amounts. Once the amount against your name is coming to the level of minimum balance the webmaster will announce cash credits and a mail will also be sent to you. Then you have to raise an invoice as per the format available in the site and upload the same in the site. Your bank details are to be given in the invoice. Then in a week's time you will receive the payment alert by email and the amount will be credited by ISC into your account.

    always confident

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