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    Broken Wings - Yet she chose to Fly

    There are many people in this world who fight against all odds to fulfill the dreams that they have. I know the story of a girl who survived from the clutches of death, though crippled in the process, it didn't stop her from chasing her dreams. This is her story-

    She was known for her speed in the school. She could outrun almost anyone and everyone in her school. Seeing her abilities, the school authorities decided to train and register her for the upcoming inter-school competitions. So she used to stay back and practice after school hours.

    After practice hours her parents would come to pick her up. One day, after the practice session, when she was waiting for her parents to pick her up, an old man comes in a car and tells her that her parents met with an accident. She gets shocked and terrified and so gets in the car to get to her parents quickly. The old man did look trustworthy so she didn't think twice before entering.

    But this man instead of taking her to the hospital, asks her to go with him for a ride. She outrightly refuses and realizes that this was a trap. He starts making derogatory comments and starts to behave inappropriately with her. For a moment she gets scared and terrified of not knowing what to do. Suddenly she gets hold of the car door and threatens that if he doesn't stop the car, she would jump. He refuses to stop the car and continues with his comments, she suddenly notices that there was a sharp left turn ahead. She knew that he would slow down at that turn, taking that as an opportunity she jumps out of the moving car. In the process, she gets badly injured. The old man didn't stop the car, he just speeds away. People gather around and take her to hospital.

    In the hospital, the doctor says that her bones are in very bad shape and it might take longer for them recover and she should take complete rest and refrain from anything that gives tension to her knees. Because of her injury, she couldn't participate in the event that year but she was determined to participate in the event next year. Despite her injury, slowly and steadily she regained her strength and practised for the next year tournament. Needless to say, she did win it and still continues to win in every race that she participates.

    Worse could have happened, she had every excuse not to participate and chase her dreams. Yet with the broken wings she chose to Fly.

    This is my entry for the TOW Contest
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    Wonderful story of a girl who has been traumatized and given challenges by the gullible human being and yet wont relent to fight the spirit of life and live for ever in the minds of the followers.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A well written and well narrated story about the true spirit, mishap and the confidence to regain strength and fly. Hope the brave girl would get her wings back in good shape to fly high.
    No life without Sun

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    Again a story which proves that the will and aspirations will make you win over the difficulties. People who has a strong desire to get something done, nothing will stop you from attaining that. Sometimes due to some unforeseen reasons the result may get delayed but can not be stopped. A good story and well narrated by the author.
    always confident

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    The thread also reminds us that however weak and traumatised we may, our will takes us to the escape route.
    The quote" Pray to God, Oh sailor, but row towards the shore" becomes relevant here.

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