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    Are you using your mobile phone excessively?

    Mobile phone has become a necessity in today's life and we can contact anyone at anytime and convey the message or request for a job etc. This has made our life very comfortable as from the comfort of our home or office we can manage the things remotely.

    So far so good - it is a modern gadget for our convenience.

    Some people are using this gadget excessively and have become almost obsessive of this utility to such an extent that it has become almost like a part of their body.

    I have seen many people going on a morning walk bending their necks downwards glued to their phones continuously.

    There are people moving on escalators, staircases, galleries, lanes and passages engaged to their phones either talking or texting.

    This is a very alarming trend and also can be a concern for one's health and safety.

    Do you use your phone excessively?
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    I use my mobile very sparingly. Not that I am not having data pack, call pack etc., I do not want to get disturbed by social media messages when I am driving and busy with other works.In fact when I am traveling and on office work I would switch off the data pack and would on it while at the home. So who ever sent me the messages or information are acknowledged only in the evenings. This way I am not using the gadget extensively and with limited access , I am happy and not too bothered about unnecessary interruptions. But I am totally against those for whom the cell has become 24 hours gadget.
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    I will use my mobile mainly for phone calls only. I very rarely use them for other activities. WhatsApp messages also will come on phone only. But my activity on this app is very less. Groups and contacts are very less. For mails and internet I use my laptop or iPad.
    When I go sometimes for morning walk I never carry my mobile with me. Generally, I avoid carrying mobile to temple also. I leave it in the house only. My Facebook and LinkedIn sites are visited on the laptop only. I never use cellphone while walking or climbing the stairs.Generally after 10 PM in the night I will not see my mobile.

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    'Kya Kar rehe ho? Kuch Nahi.
    Khana Kaaya? Haam, Abhi abhi Kaaya .
    So rahe ho? Nahi.
    Kab Aaoge? Pathaa Nahi.
    Kuch tho bolo, yaar.
    Kya boloom yaar.

    What is this yaar? This is what we do with our mobile phones. Most of us use cellphones for unnecessary and unwanted talks and purposes. I use my mobile phone sparingly only for the
    right purposes. I do not like people talking while riding or driving. I do not like people talking on cell phone while watching TV without reducing the TV volume.

    @Pity is that we waste our money in many rupees talking such useless things on phone, and cry when the fuel prices go up in Paise.

    No life without Sun

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    Right, initially when we moved from landline to mobile phone, it was like a wonder. Once we understood its utility, it became a necessity. But we never realized when this necessity became an obsession.

    Initially, we were using the mobile, now mobile is using us.

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