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    Regarding the total points

    Respected sir,
    Thank you for your response regarding my query of about my points. As I mentioned in my query that after submitting my second article "How to improve concentration", I have got a comment from a senior member, to which I have posted a response. After posting response, my dashboard was indicating that I have earned 50 points. After that, when I posted the query yesterday, I have been credited another 4 points. But all my points suddenly disappeared for the reason not known to me.
    But after receiving your mail in which you mentioned to use the "recalculate my points" option, I followed it and I have been credited with total 59 points. Sir, you have mentioned that my articles are under review, so are these points not valid? Will they be not calculated in my total earned points untill my articles gets accepted? Are the points after acception of the articles are the only valid points? Sir, kindly solve my confusions regarding this!
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    Sarika, instead of raising multiple threads on the same topic, it would have been better to continue in the same thread by posting your related queries as responses therein. Since you have raised this thread now, I am locking the earlier thread. You may post any doubt you have regarding the point system (after going through the help topics) as a response in this thread itself.

    If I am not mistaken, the fifty points you are talking about must be for uploading the profile photo. I will have to check it out.

    Coming to the article portion, points and cash, if any, will be allotted only after review and the same will be credited to your account then only.

    Hope you have read the guidelines and help topics as advised. If not, please do so at the earliest so that you get a picture of what the site is all about and how to go about it.

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    So far your scoreboard says nothing about the approval of articles and thus as of now you have total 59 points earned so far and no cash credit. As and when the articles are approved you will get the credits.
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    Whatever points are credit to your account so far is nothing to do with the articles to be reviewed. These points will be there in your account. This score will not come down even though your articles are not accepted. The score will come down only if you are getting any minus points or reduced points after the Editor's visit to your postings.
    You will get points in threads section, Ask Expert section, Articles section and other sections also and all the points are valid. I hope I am able to clear your doubt regarding the points you got. Continue your journey on this site and post content wherever it is possible to you so that you will get points as well as cash credits to your posts as deemed fit will be awarded by the Editors.

    always confident

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