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    Economic growth during first quarter of 2018-19 is 8.2%

    The result has been declared yesterday. The Indian economy grew at the rate of 8.2% in the April-June quarter of current fiscal on the basis of good performance by the manufacturing and farm sectors. The growth confirms India's position as the fastest growing major economy, achieving a higher expansion rate than China's 6.7% in the same quarter. Not only that, the growth rate is a 15-quarter high record. The best growth rate was recorded in July-September period of 2014-15 at 8.4% (it was also during the present Government).

    This achievement proves that the Indian economy is on solid ground despite the price increase of petroleum products in the international market. It also signifies that the economy has survived the initial hiccups after the introduction of GST.

    Let common people celebrate this success. Let us also see what the pessimists say about Indian economy now.
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    It is good to note that the economic growth rate is 8.2%. This is the highest in the April June quarter of this year and above China also.It is proved that this country is growing at a faster rate. I hope and wish that the country will become much powerful and see that the gap between the poor and the rich will be minimum.
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    Economic growth during first quarter of 2018-19 is 8.2%.

    It's just a report & technically a report should substantiate the reality. On the one hand we are talking about growth, on the other hand talking about price rise. We know how things are being manipulated, even the media portrays a false impression sometimes.

    Do you see a positive impact of demonetization & GST? If yes, Where?

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    Just look at the timing of the announcement; just when demonetisation is being taken to the postmortem table again and when the value of India Rupee has hit its all-time low. And yes, we need to feel happy.
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    #647213: Yes, the Government should have declared the result at the time of the corresponding quarter of the next financial year!

    Better the Government shouldn't have declared it at all giving some opportunities to the great people to criticize the Government on this count.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    It's a good number. Let us wait for the reaction of the stock markets on Monday.
    I don't think Government can manipulate the GDP numbers as pointed by one of our members.
    Government releases the quarterly GDP numbers exactly two months after completing the quarter. We can have a glance here

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    What is Government? A group of people - some are honest, some are corrupt.

    What is their main objective – to remain in power anyhow; & for that, they try to make us believe that everything is alright & some of us do believe that.

    Governments are capable of anything.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    Those who are habituated to have a dig at the government for its non performance visa vis value of dollar to the rupee, this progress wont be taken into granted and they will speak non sense. One thing is sure as long as the purchasing power of the people is in tact the market would be moving there is no question of slack period. And slight increase in petrol price wont have that effect on growth as some developments are slated to happen on the past initiatives during which the prices of petro products were low. So one must believe the performance whether it is true or not.
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    Good news to feel elated at a time when the rupee is at the lifetime low against the dollar, petrol and diesel prices at lifetime high rates. GDP is a statistic but the rupee value and petrol and diesel prices are a reality. Inflation is on the rise. The rise in GDP is expected to translate into more jobs but where are they? Some fortunate enough may not feel the pinch of rising commodity prices and fuel costs but the common man will definitely feel the pinch.
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    #647234, GDP numbers are compared world wide. There is remote chance to manipulate such data. If any Government wants to remain in the power by showing such numbers, then even the previous Governments from the time of Independence, should have tried such methods. But we haven't heard of any such kind of manipulations even in the past.
    There will be Revised Estimates of GDP numbers later which may slightly vary (may increase or decrease) from the current number.

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