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    What is in your name like Dr. M Karunanidhi?

    Some one has explained the name of former CM of Tamilnadu Mu Karunanidhi by breaking it as below:

    Mu. - Mun Uthaaranam (Example set)

    Ka - Karunai (Compassion)
    Ru - Ruthram (Anger)
    Na - Nasthigam (Astheist)
    Ni - Nithaanam ( being cool)
    Dhi - Dhiravidam (Dravidam)

    Can you explain your name with your qualities in the same manner?
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    A very good and impressive attempt to explain the name of Muthuvel Karunanidhi. Now Mr. SuN may kindly find the significance of his real name, Dakshinamurthy.
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    My name is Srinivasa Rao.

    Sri. Lakshmi
    Nivas. residence.

    Hence Srinivas is the residence of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. That means that my name signifies the place where wealth will be there always.

    always confident

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    When I looked for Karunanidhi's original name Dakshinamurthy, I could get it like this in simple terms.
    Dakshin - South, a - one, Murthy - God. It means A God from the South.

    For SuN
    Su - Sundar (Beautiful)
    N - Naam (Name)

    No life without Sun

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