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    Do you get to sleep when you start reading a book?

    As some people who will not get sleep at night time especially children start playing at nights and the parents will order the children to open a book and read when the child starts to read the book he or she will get started yawnings and get sleep. Is there any relation between sleeping and the book?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question
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    No. It is the other way. I read books only when I don't want to sleep and keep awake. To go to sleep, I listen to music. When I want my children to sleep, I sing the song they like and love.
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    Hi, I think it is a matter of interest. Usually kids don't find or have less interest in reading a books. This may cause them to sleep as mind is not quite responsive at the time of reading. Where as they find playing more interesting so they want to enjoy this most.

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    First of all, we need to understand the difference between Thinking & Imagination.

    Thinking is an effort, Imagination is not. Thinking means analysis; measurement; judgment; pondering over something; trying to comprehend something or trying to solve something. Thinking is chaos & therefore it needs effort, it demands mind's activeness & alertness. It dissipates energy and therefore after too much of thinking, mind feels exhausted.

    Whereas, Imagination is like observing a painting without words, silence. When we read a book, we don't think but imagine what we read. Initially the mind resists, but if the book is interesting, mind agrees to relax. When the mind is too relaxed, you enter a hibernating state.

    Book doesn't induce sleep, it's the relaxed mind that induces sleep.

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    Generally, I will not get sleep while reading any material. Even when I read light reading books also I will not get sleep. I am not habituated to that. After getting on to the bed I struggle to get sleep. My mind will become very active. It goes on thinking about many issues. I will try to distract the mind from thoughts. After the struggle for 15 to 20.minutes slowly I will get in to sleep. For sleeping, mind has to slow down its activity and become more relaxed.
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    It's a matter of interest. If you are asked for something which you are not interested to than in that case you fall asleep.

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    For me the sleep comes automatically , thanks to my practice and punctual in going to bed and waking up in time. By 10 pm I am off to bed , what ever be the position or where ever be the place. The sleep would force me to accept any place to take rest and thats all I shall be in deep trance for 6 hours and that ends the sleep. And I have seen people having a cigarette and then going to sleep. Some have the habit of walking after dinner and then going to sleep. Many have the habit of listening to songs and reading books before going to sleep. These becomes habit and one cannot get automatic sleep.
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    Right, the whole idea is to slow down the mind before going to bed. Walk, cigarette, music, all are means to pacify the mind.
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