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    I wish I had wings so that I could fly

    I suppose everyone has looked high up in the sky and wondered about its authentic blue color and vastness. I too am amazed by the fact that how vast it is. I love the crystal clear blue color it reflects. I always wanted to fly amidst the wing flapping birds. They happily cut the force of the wind with their beaks and keep moving ahead. I guess I could do the same. I immediately understand my inability in doing so. It's because I dispossess the absolute necessity and it is nothing but beautiful light feathery wings.

    I wish that I had wings like birds so that I could fly. I want to look at the world from high above the sky. Now someone might interrupt me by saying there are lots of options out there that could give you the same experience such as board a flight, take a helicopter ride or book a hot air balloon trip. I love authenticity. Thus, I prefer the traditional mode of flying rather than taking help of modern-day discovery. When I was a little girl, I remember participating in every fancy dress competition as a fairy. Sometimes I would be a white fairy. Other times I would be a blue fairy. The best part about everything was I loved wearing wings behind me. For a few minutes, I could lure myself into the lie. I could sense the superhuman abilities that I possessed for those few minutes. Thanks to those lovely wings wrapped around my back.

    That was the past then. Now, I wish mother fairy grants me a wish and bless me with lovely white feathery wings. I promise I will keep them embraced and whenever needed I will flap them and fly high in the sky. I am sure this time the lovely birds will envy me as I will outshine all of them with my flying ability.

    It is an entry for TOW contest of the week- Fly(ing)
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    Indeed, it is a great wish to possess wings and fly high on the sky. I think, the days are not far. The scientific community is working on it. Hope you will have your wings like an angel or a white or blue fairy , and fly sooner or later. I would also join you to fly with my wings. May your good wish come true. All the best, Reena.

    No life without Sun

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    Good concept. I also many times thought that I should have been blessed with wings by the Almighty. But it is just a wish which can't be realised in my life time. The author has made a real good attempt in making his expression clear to the readers. I appreciate the author's narration and the way she presented.
    always confident

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    @ Sun,
    I am glad that the scientific community is working to make my dream come true. I am also happy that you will be joining me. Can't wait and please let me know as soon as the scientific community succeeds in their experiment.

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    A good narration taking the copy book phrase. " I want to look at the world from high above the sky.". The more you soar high, you see that there is still more above you. That is the wonder of this Universe.

    Do not worry.Allow your imaginations fly free.

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