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    The little mister mischief!

    I have heard of children making many mischiefs, playing truant, disturbing neighbours with some unusual activities, but never heard of this particular activity. A relative of mine from a village described the activities of a kid, after listening to which I was wondering what he will do after growing up.

    That little fellow is of six years age, loves to play with different animals and brings home offsprings of different species. He brings home little birds and chicks, dips them in bucket full of multiple colours and let them dry for a day or two. After the colour settles on to the body of the little chicks they look absolutely like a new species and that kid sells them to the people of the next village telling them about the arrival of a new species. The villagers accept these because of the child's innocence and are always cheated. He did it quite a number of times and recently many villagers came to the house of that boy with all those chicks, now displaying their true colours because after a nice bath in nature the colours have washed away. Now they found them as little sparrows, chicks and even a baby crow was also there. I am thinking of meeting this little one very soon.
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    The little boy will become a entrepreneur in future, I think. But once he mature enough he may not do any such mischiefs I suppose. But the innovative idea tells his method of thinking and trials to make some new development activities. But at this age itself he should learn that cheating is not acceptable even in any business for long. Initially he may feel some advantages but in long run it is not good for the development of the business.Many times in the villages were easily get cheated by seeing the people who talk innocently and they believe their words fully and easily get cheated.
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    A strange and notorious way of making money by cheating the people.

    No animal lover will tolerate this cruelty to the animals as there are many colours which are harmful to the tender skin of chicks and other animal puppies.

    I think these type of the children should be sent to the juvenile homes and reform centres so that they can be taught not to do such mischievous acts.

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    No doubt that this young boy will make a great man in future. He knows the techniqe to earn by hook or crook. This thread reminds me about actress Sridevi who tries to colour her pet dog Subramani with writing blue ink in a Tamil film Moonraam Pirai.(Film Sadma in Hindi)
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