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    I am flying in my dreams

    Human mind is having mysterious traits. It can conjecture in myriad ways. Many times what we are not able to do in our awakened state, we do during our dreams in sleep. Our mind is flying through the mysterious and magnanimous landscapes. We feel as if the ground below us is moving opposite to our flying direction.

    We stop at peculiar destinations sometimes familiar sometimes totally new. The people are a mix of our aquaintancees as well as strange new persons.

    Then an event happens which was deeply buried in our subconsciousness. The dream sequence can go in any way. Sometimes it depicts a victory while sometimes we see ourselves losing in the event. Many times the event is not concluded and everything goes haywire and we awake in between.

    Whether we awake in between or at the end of the event, we realize that it was a dream. Our mind was flying through it.

    Dreams are the reflections of our subconsciousness mind and in our sleep we feel as if we are flying through them.

    This is my TOW entry.
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    Dreaming and making those dreams realise is the real success. Whatever we think in our inner mind will be coming as dreams. We will not even remember many of those dreams once we woke up. But some dreams will be remembered for many days and we will put in our efforts to realise those dreams. That gives a good satisfaction of achievement.
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    After reading your thread, I could rewind and get into my past interesting dream. It was the days when the Saffron Swamy Nityananda was connected with lovely actress Ranjita. Nityananda called his disciples and asked them to sit on meditation to fly on the space, just few feet above the ground. I watched his programme to see how they fly. All jumped up and down including Nityananda and Ranjitha, but none could raise and fly for a while. It was a failure. That night, I saw a dream in which I was raising above the ground and could fly freely on the sky. Yet I remember that wonderful dream of flying on the sky.
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    What we think deep in our hearts during the day would register and rewind as the dream in the sleep also and so may simply enjoy it and some may try to achieve it. In dreams we come across so many characters of our own. Some time we feel like a king, some times as animals, some times a discarded servant and some characters are really interesting and impressive. Nevertheless we cherish the dreams as long as we are in that frame, otherwise we would be just forgetting the dreams as the things we forget in the daily happenings. One thing is sure dreams are must for prolonging the sleep.
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    Most of what we see are the result of hard work by someone to achieve what they saw in their dreams. We also can turn some of our dreams(at least) to reality by proper efforts.

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