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    Let your creative imaginations grow wings and fly

    To fly was and is always human imagination. As he is not endowed with wings, this is not possible. So he achieved it with artificial supports and invented flying machines. Now he has his flying machines veering past the space, the Moon, Mars and other planets.

    All this happened only because humans made their imaginations fly. We create a lot as a result of flight of our imaginations. The term 'fly' and its derivatives have contributed a lot to the language. While a 'flight of stairs' take us up or down, 'fly-by-night-operators' in various segments loot us or cheat us. They say when husband and wife 'fly into a rage' rash words and even household materials fly against each other However we do not like a fly to fall on our food. Studious and hardworking people come out 'with flying colours'. While we fly kites during the Makara Sankranti festival, 'kite flying' is a technical term in banking to denote those who operate by just book keeping juggle and with no real own funds. It is a great feeling to witness the flypast by aircraft during the Republic Day celebrations.

    Things have come to such a stage that many 'big' businessmen fly out of the country or flee after defaulting and avoiding the law.

    Allow your creative imaginations take wings and you can fly freely without any hindrance.

    This is a TOW contest entry
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    Yes creativity in any matter make you stand apart and others will start as a fan and slowly change to your followers and that brings greater responsibility as small err can send wrong signals to our ardent followers. Creativity can be in talking, writing, gesturing, showing a right way, right path and above all being nice to others even the self in most challenging position. For example Charlie Chaplin the great comedienne of all time was never happy with his personal life, but that feeling he never brought into the screen when he has performed and in fact made us laugh for all those bloopers from him.
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    Creativity and imagination are the requirements to fly high in our thoughts and achieve some success. A human being may not fly physically on his own way but he can fly through the artificial means and ways designed by us. It is the strong willingness and desire of the human that results in all these developments. Many people fly in their dreams and try to make their dreams to realise. They will design their way to make their dreams fulfilled.
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    The fly and the flights well explained by the author made me to think about the past. One good Tamil song " Paravaiai Kandaan Vimaanam Padaithaan........... from film Paava Mannippu. ( Man saw the flying birds and invented aeroplanes). I appreciate the author's effort to think well and write about the flying vessels between the spouses, the plight of the businessmen to fly out, kite flying in bank, flying colours of hard workers , and flypast of aircraft etc.
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    I enjoyed the thread of Mr. Venkiteswaran. Yes, imagination and creativity are must to become successful in life. Those who have been successful including the 'fly-by-night' operators are very imaginative and creative. They are also capable of dreaming. So, they have achieved success.
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