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    With this post I surpass the grand total of webmaster Tony

    We all know the highest top points winner is Pramod with 445836 , but unfortunately he has discontinued to perform , and then comes the webmaster score of 225346 points , and then Ravi Shankar leading with 212612 points and then comes the grand total of webmaster Tony with 199035, and with this post I would surpass his score and stand at 199037. Though it may not be achievement in real sense as Tony very rarely visit the site and his points wont escalate. Nevertheless my name shall appear above him henceforth.
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    To me, all these figures are just like heights of Mount Everest, Godwin Austin (K-2) and Kanchanjangha compared to a mall hillock. I never ever imagine reaching near these stalwarts. Congratulations to Mr. Mohan to cross the score of Mr. Tony John. I hope to see another post very soon from Mr. Mohan when he crosses 2,00,000 points.
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    Congratulations to Mohan for surpassing webmaster in his points tally.Mohan is very regular on this site and one should take him as a model to get highest scores on this site. I wish and hope Mohan will achieve top points shortly. All the best to him and hope he will continue his good work.
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    Congrats. Great achievement. You have overtaken Mr Tony John in the ISC race . Nothing can beat Mohan in scoring quick points. Members should follow the path of Mohan for earning points. Well done, Mohan.
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    Scoring points is not an easy task. A sustained contribution is required for that which only a few people can do.

    Anyway, this is a great leap and we hope and wish good luck to you for going ahead with same vigour and zeal.

    All the best and keep it up.

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    Mohan,for sure, has a special place in ISC ( especially forum section)and among ISC members. You are marching ahead with a consistent pace and surpassing milestones. Definitely it shows how much efforts and time you are putting in this regard. That deserves our special appreciation.

    Keep up the fervour. Wish you scale more heights.

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    Congratulations sir, great achievement. would be an inspiration for regular members to follow you. All the best for reaching the top.

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    Thank God, some one from editorial board has observed and put a emoticon. That is impressive.
    K Mohan
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    Congratulations sir, You are the perfect example of consistency. This consistency is really important in all walks of life. Since my joining on this great website to till date you have done marvelous job. Keep it up and all the best.

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    Congrats Mohan! You made it and need to be appreciated for the achievement. All the best! Not that this thread was missing.
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    You are right. For many long hours, your great achievement did not qualify as a great achievement of surpassing the ISC WM. Now after a reminder through my thread, someone has really understood it and placed an emoticon to draw the attention of others to congratulate you.

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    Congratulations, Mohan Sir. It's really a great achievement and it's because of your regular contribution of good quality forums and articles. It's a perfect running commentary where you described how with the stroke of a boundary one surpassed the total of another great performer. Wish you all the very best and keep up the good work.

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    Congratulations Mohan, on achieving this spectacular milestone. Hope you get to reach the two lakh mark very soon.
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