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  • Category: Creative Writing

    She ultimately took the revenge (Part-II)

    [Continued from Part-I]

    The driver of the truck was driving at breakneck speed. By any means, he was to deliver the goods at a godown in Katwa town before 7 in the morning. The driver saw him, but he didn't bother. The truck simply ran over his slithering body on the State Highway.


    Before death, he looked towards his partner. She was waiting silently at the side of the road for him. But he would never reach beside her. She nodded her hood slowly. There was pure hatred in her small red eyes. She started moving quickly leaving aside the dead body of her partner.

    The truck reached Futisanko, the place where Birbhum district ends and Barddhaman district starts. The helper checked his wrist-watch. It is only 5.30. They would definitely reach Katwa well before 7. He asked the driver to stop and enjoy a glass of strong tea.

    The tea-stall of Govinda had opened its doors. The kettle was on the oven. Two or three people had already assembled.

    The truck stopped beside the road.

    (To be continued at Part-III)
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    Now I don't think Part III is required. We can guess what she would do to take revenge against the driver who mercilessly ran over her partner. If you wish to continue it like a Mega TV serial, we will wait for your further parts of the Cobra story.
    No life without Sun

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    Good narration. Although we have guessed the climax but it's still fun to read & imagine the story. It's really entertaining to read the story like a child.

    Keep going…..

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    By going in the format of serial the author is testing our valuable time. I did read the first and second story but unable to draw a conclusion and waiting for the authors perception for the third.
    K Mohan
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    As usual the author narrated the story well and the tempo is well maintained. I think he will. Omplete the story in the next thread I feel. Now the issue is ready to get the revenge completed I hope.
    always confident

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