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    From where does the 'Will' come from?

    'Will', as we all know, is used to express determination, insistence, persistence, or willfulness. We also talk a lot about 'Will Power".

    My question is – (1) Where does this WILL come from?

    Suppose a student wants to score good marks or rank in the forthcoming exams, an Athlete wants a Gold Medal in the competition, a young entrepreneur wants to have a successful business. All want to achieve something, from where does they get that WILL, which motivates them to achieve their target?

    (2) Can WILL be cultivated or is it intrinsic?
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    For some achieving than others is the routine habit. For some the will power comes from others performance. For some the will power comes from the instigation or chiding by others. But those who are professionals and are performers, the need not carry will power, as it is the in born quality. One thing is sure for achieving great success, continued planning is required, for that criticism plays major role. That is why some actors take the constructive criticism is the blessing in disguise for them and that will improve their performance steadily and for sure. So taking to heart and will is important.
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    Will come from our brain. It is not intrinsic. It will be developed by the individual based on their interest. All this depends on the individual. Our mind shows importance on certain issue. I like sweet . You may like hot. In the same way we will have interest towards some tasks and we will have interest towards certain professions. Based on all these issues we willl cultivate a determination towards attaining certain milestones in our life. During my student days I got inclined towards science rather than engineering. So I made a determination that I should get my doctorate in science. With that will I pursued my studies I have obtained my doctorate in chemistry.
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    But if the WILL is interest or inclination towards something, why do people differ in their interests & inclinations? What is that factor that decides who will have what interest?

    And if everything is pre-decided, there is no point talking about hard work, determination, motivation…

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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