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    Are gold ornaments good for the body health?

    Some people wear so many gold ornaments not only showing their richness but they belive and tell that gold ornaments are good for the body health. Is there any scientific reason that gold is good for the body health? what are diseases that can cure or prevent if gold ornaments are there in the body? Do you agree the gold is good for the body health? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    I do not know whether gold ornaments are good for health or not, but I surely know that gold ornaments are worst for life. Why I say this because gold ornament is a costly commodity that attracts many. Gold attracts the burglars. Gold attracts the chain snatchers. Even people won't hesitate to murder and take away the gold.

    @ We should not wear gold and show off to the public. Treat it as an asset, and let it rest in the bank lockers or in safe lockers.

    @@ I heard that eating gold in powdered ash form (Thankapashpam) is good for health.

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    Well gold has been used to display the fashion statement either by man or woman since the ages and for the women it is the must ornament that has to be worn and displayed during occasions and functions. If the gold is pure and of good quality it wont have any effect on the health. But substandard gold in the garb of heavy discounts making rounds in the market and if the ladies wore them, they get rashes or irritation feeling around the neck and thus they are bound to withdrawn the gold from their person sooner or later. So gold has to be worn occasionally and for some hours only.
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    Many metals and stones are said to contain some beneficial properties when they are worn by people. Sometimes they are worn after astrological considerations also. These are things of belief and faith. Science has not got much say there.

    As far as wearing of gold ornaments is considered this is an age old tradition as gold does not corrode or also it's shining remains intact. So some people wear it for fashion or just enhancing their personality with its richness.

    Otherwise wearing gold or to that matter any other metal or stone does not make sense. If someone is wearing it to show off his wealth then it is a shabby and disgusting show off.

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    Gold is used in many Ayurvedic medicines. They purify the gold and make it to fine powder. That will be added to medicines which will give good strength to the person. When we wear gold on our body it will be in contact with our skin and slowly very minute quantity of gold will get into our body which is good for health. In olden days people used to eat food in Silver plates. They used to attach a small gold flower in the center of the plate. They used to believe that when we eat hot food in this plate, small quantities of silver and gold will go into our body and it will give additional energy.
    As explained by Sun, I also feel there are many problems for the people who where gold ornaments. They will be always under threat always. Many people will be observing them for a good chance to snatch the costly metal.

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    Your body radiates most of its heat, convects a little bit through air around it and conducts just a little bit through conducting with things in contact. Radiation is the best form of heat transfer. So telling that gold ornaments can reduce body heat cannot be acknowledged.
    Silver is much better a conductor in that regard.
    Ornaments are worn to signify social stature. They don't have any scientific significance

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    Wearing ornaments made of Gold and silver was very common in males and females in olden days. Later the price of such metals raised alarmingly and thereby the usage of ornaments restricted to ladies only. Actually since there is some medicinal value to our health only they were using the gold and silver regularly in the form of ornaments. It is found that the blood vessels are purified and removing the dead cells are done by Gold. silver has dual action as a good agent for controlling heat of the body. It reduces the heat of the body in some heat body cases and raise the heat in some cold body cases. Some people use the ash made of gold (swarna Bhasma) to eat as medicine to keep their body in a highest great condition.

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