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    They are the natural flying machines

    They start their journey in winter from Northernmost cold places on Earth and reach the warm places Southwards. They take these arduous journey persistently and patiently. The routes and directions of their journey are embedded in their heriditary codes and they do not do any mistake in their scheduled paths. Scientists say that they recognise the magnetic field of Earth and accordingly chart out their journey. Their flying on such long routes is really a mysterious thing.

    Once they reach the warm places they camp in lakes, rivers and other green environment and stay there for a significant time. Their offsprings are born there and when they grow up and the summer comes they start their journey back to their homes in the Northern latitudes.

    The flight of these migratory birds is an amazing phenomenon in the animal world and their relentless pursuit for their destination generation by generation is a spectacular sight.

    They are the natural flying machines.

    This is my entry for TOW contest - 'fly(ing)'.
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    Wow the author was referring to the migratory nature of Siberian cranes which used to fly so many kilometers for their survival and mating and that was well connected with Tow topic.
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    A nice narration. Depicting the long range flight of migratory birds.

    Due to change in seasonal temperatures and survival of these species they started to migrate from one place to another only to return back in favourable seasons.

    It is really a great natural phenomenon and scientists have studied it in details and it is believed that these birds do it with the help of position of sun in the sky and magnetic field of earth. How they sense it is a great subject of research in biology.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I used to travel to SHAR Centre, Sriharikota, AP on my official works many times. Before entering the place on the both sides of the SHAR laid road there is a big lake in which many of these migratory birds used to assemble here in this Pulicot lake. They come here every year with out fail.
    The author Made a good attempt in combining the concept with TOW topic. Very nicely narrated.

    always confident

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    True. They are the real fliers who travel many thousand miles. It is a non stop flying from Siberia to South India. In Tamilnadu's Tirunelveli District, there is a place known as Koonthankulam where these migratory birds reside for few months, They lay eggs and their off springs grow. And they return to Siberia leaving the lake empty.

    These birds don't fly alone. They fly in groups in a formation. They are more disciplined than the human beings.

    @ Non one can fly like these Siberian birds.

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