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    Bringing up child is like flying a kite

    For anyone who knows flying a kite will be aware how one needs to control the thread to keep the kite flying seamlessly in the sky. When the kite just starts flying in the sky we need to do a combination of pulling and releasing the thread so that the kite gains height and remains under control. If we simply keep on pulling the thread the kite will come down. On the other hand, if we simply keep releasing the thread then also kite will tend to go out of control.

    Bringing up a child is also something similar to this. We need to adopt a combination of lenient and strict approach to ensure that they grow up into good individuals. At times we need to pull the thread which means we need to be strict, restrict and deny things if they are going in the wrong direction and keep them under control. But at the same time just like releasing the thread of the kite we should be flexible to give some freedom and liberty to our child and inspire them to do and explore the things rather than restricting them always.

    Kite can fly only in the direction of wind. Similarly a child can only fly and shine if we make them work and fly in direction of their interests and aspirations. Without wind a kite cannot fly, similarly without our motivation it is difficult for child to rise.

    If we keep on pulling the thread on our child it may affect their growth and development. Similarly always releasing the thread also does not help a child may grow up to be a spoilt and pampered individual.

    So it is a combination of pulling and releasing which works best for the all-round development of the child.

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    Wow what a wonderful thought came out of author's mind by comparing the nurturing of the children with that of controlling the kite. Here I want to give further more impetus to the thought. For the kite to fly steady and without troublesome , the thread which is to be tied to the kite in triangle shape matters. Not all are well versed in measuring and marking the place and then fixing the thread with the Manja and then after the original white thread. So the nurturing of a good child starts from the infant age itself. The parent, especially the mother must take the lead and tell all good habits, how to behave with the elders and all good things be told, so that the child registers everything in the mind and behave. And let the Manja or the strong thread in the beginning of the kite be strong so that none can beat the child through performance.
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    A good comparison. Where to hold and where to leave, when to hold and when to leave. How much tight he should hold and when he should loosen it and to what extent If he knows these things properly he can make his kite fly high and steady. Same is the case in bringing up the child. If you completely leaves the child he may become a bad guy. At the same time if he keeps him under control for ever he may become arrogant and start troubling the parents also. So we all should know the art of bringing them up like flying a kite. We should have a stick in the hand but use them only when there is no second option.
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    That is where we are wrong. We are of the mindset that we need to control child's life to make him successful. We need to restrict or mould him, we need to give him freedom at our will or as per our own understanding.

    But we always forget that there is a higher power that has already decided everything for every living creature on this planet.

    What do we want to make our child? Are we perfect in every sense? If yes, we just have to live our own life and he will learn from us.

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    Bringing up a child is definitely a challenging task for the parents. The aspirations of tender age are not easy to manage. The young minds wander here and there and are not able to focus in a particular direction.

    Author's contention that they should be manoeuvred like flying of a kite is very apt and tries to put things in a simple comparative style.

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    This is an award winning thread. I can totally see you bagging the first prize with this entry.
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