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    Are you still looking for the long lost friend?

    There are particular songs, pictures or a situation that reminds us about some special moments. Memories are attached to them, maybe good or bad. That's why family albums are so special. The moments captured there will take you back to that instant where all of you smiled for the click. You may find yourself much older now, compared to the picture in the album. There may be few childhood friends in the picture, whom you completely forgot after a certain time. You recollected their names, searched in the internet, in social networking sites and voila! The conversation started, it's so exciting after a gap of so many years. One interesting thing is childhood friends hardly forget names of each other. Maybe because children have sharp memories compared to adults. How many of you faced a situation like this and reconnected with your long lost childhood friend? Let's share the stories.
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    Yes when we go through the old photos and albums , we come across so many person who may be our close relative, friends, well wishers or even one day old strangers. By seeing such photos, immediately we are transported to those days and moments and cherish. I was browsing the old photos one day which was taken in the year 1978 when we family members went to Mahabalipuram and I was sat with my elder brother. But today he is not there as he died two years later in 1980. So such old photos not bring joy, but also remind us the sorrow and sadness through which the entire family gone through and that were the unforgettable moments of life. One thing is sure by seeing old photos, we can probe ourselves as to what we there then and we are now . I was the 10th class student then and my brother was doing Intermediate.
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    I found a girl who was my college friend. I managed her phone number and talked to her. She also remembered me and had a good conversation for long. From then onwards we will be contacting each other occasionally. I am very happy I can get in contact with a friend of mine in 1970s.
    Another college friend was an IAS officer. I got his phone number and just said hallow. He thought that I am contacting him to get some favour done to me through him. So he has not shown much interest. So I stopped talking to him. Because he in a good position probably many people may be contacting him for favours. That is why he reacted like that. So I thought I should not disturb him and stopped phoning up again to him.

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    I met my good old friend who parted me in the year 1979, and I met him in the year 2005, after 26 years. How I met him - I happened to visit a post office in a small town near Tirunelveli. There I found him as a post master. On seeing me, he came to me and asked 'Are you Sundaram Sir. Do you recognize me. I am Guruswamy." I could recognize him. He grew old with his grey hair. We had tea and chatted for a while. He said,"Sir, I cannot forget you. I still have a letter written by you with your beautiful handwriting." Then he took out his personal file and took out the same letter written by me in the year 1978. And he introduced me to his office staff showing the letter to them. I was stunned to see a letter of mine in his file. Our friendship still continues. Since we have the mobile phone facility, he regularly calls me every month to enquire my health.

    I still have a photograph taken during a drama in which he acted as a junglee, and I as a Police Inspector. During our next meeting, I showed the same photograph to him. He was thrilled to see his junglee photo.

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    Childhood friends are a great gift. They are a source of joy forever. It is a really a splendid moment in our life when we meet our childhood friends ager a long time.

    Many people have a habit of maintaining contacts and continuous communication with their friends while many others do not give this much recognition.

    Still, in my opinion friendship is to be cherished like a treasure in our life. It is only the friends with whom we can share our feelings so freely and openly

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