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    Why are good hands not available for technical work

    Today there is a big problem of unemployment. Qualified people are roaming here and there in want of a job.

    At the same time when we search a person for some domestic or other technical repair work we do not get a good hand. The technicians come but they do very shabby job and the problem is not addressed properly.

    This is a very contradictory situation. At one side we have a huge army of qualified unemployed persons while at the other hand we do not have capable people.

    What do you think about this situation?
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    This is the problem. Many people are roaming without jobs. But we don't get correct candidates if you want to appoint a good engineer. Good technicians who can really find the fault and rectify the problem are very rare. They are not easily available. The people having the degrees are not getting jobs. A very contradictory position. These days universities are not aligning their subjects to the actual requirement. A graduate Engineer in Electical Engineering has to call a unqualified experienced person to know why the fan is not functioning. But he can never know why the fan is not working. The graduates who are coming out from the Universities are not understanding the fundamental practicals of the subject. The day they join in the course they make their mind for an IT job only but not for the core job. As such they are trying to complete the course and start looking for software jobs only. This trend has to change. The universities has to mould their students in such a way that they will become engineers with sound theoretical knowledge and do practical training. Then only They may be the stuff the Industry is looki
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    selection of right person for right job is correct in many situations except a little percentage. But once the person after got selected performs his role with either personal vengeance or some other motto, his actions are hampering others and if it is public utility services affects the public on the whole. A bus depot in Chennai faced a hectic water stagnation during last rainy season. Many people felt happy when the Depot Authority stepped to pave a good concrete flooring but the work found worst finishing when recent rainfall. Even a maistry would have laid a good flooring as we see the flooring found with stagnated water again as if it found earlier. So, the poor performance of technical side as well non technical is due to the lack of involvement in the work or misdirection of superiors(do what I say). Whatever our mentality once we entered into our workplace we should extend our fullest effort to the possible extent in order to perform our duty or accomplish to goal of the organisation.

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    It is unfortunate that we have not amalgamated our technical and trade education with the pure academic one and it has resulted in this disaster.

    The syllabus should be crafted in such a way that even after passing class 10 a student should be able to take up minor and petty repairs himself. Knowing the theory but failing miserably in practicals has no worth in this world where everything is highly technical in nature.

    A fully automatic washing machine can be run in manual mode also and can be customised easily as per ones requirement if the person understands the basic concept of its working. This is only one example. There are hundreds of such things we encounter in our day to day life.

    So what is required is a sincere approach to practical education rather complicated formulas and equations.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The problems has to be understood this way. Educated people want desk job, air conditioned job offers with good pay and not too much exertion of work. And most of them never likes service oriented jobs like even marketing which involves extensive traveling. And the special trades jobs like fitter, turner, welding, plumbing, carpenter and electrician are not considered by the educated lot as there is no job offer with fixed salaries. They have to either work on their own or wait for a call to have the work. I have seen most of the above tradesman were waiting at the cross roads so that they will get work. And those who are illiterates chose these jobs as they can serve anywhere and earn money. But they wont understand the time and quality because they are not taught about it. So we have to suffer this unless and until educated youth also joins the service sector.
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    Since the era in the management of the job has been competitive and to deliver, such tasks in Software, the environment too should be conducive giving the talented ones a matching environment where AC is installed. The supporting environment will enhance the output of the Organisation as a whole.
    But we need to identify the work - culture and should be tuned the same level without having the demarcation of the quantum work. Such cultures should be adopted religiously to identify and sort out pending back - logs in the system.

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    The so called huge army of people for technical work , I mean the skilled labourers to undertake some domestic repair job in houses and offices are not fully trained and are not capable of performing their job with good skill. They work under a master for few months, and aspire to become contractors to make quick money. Thus, they roam around as skilled labourers without any skill.
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