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    All eyes focus at the outcome of TRS's Pragati Nivedhana Sabha

    For the first time in the history of India, entire party leaders of TRS like MP, MLA, Corporators, Gram Panchayaths, Sarpanchs, MPTC, ZPTC and every organisational heads of the Telangana government are converging at outskirts of Hyderabad to attend mammoth meeting called by KCR to enlighten the progress made by the TRS party in four and half years. But there seems to be another expectation that the state would dissolve the assembly and goes for early polls along with other states which going to polls soon. What is your comment ?
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    I think this is a novel concept. But we did not get any information in this regard earlier. Let all of us see how it works.
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    I appreciate the initiative taken by KCR. But it should not be once but an annual meet every year.
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    This is to educate the party people to highlight the so called good works done by the present government. Why it is now? As they want to go for early pole , the party cadre has to talk correctly what their bosses are telling even though it is far from truth.
    KCR is playing double game. He wants the support of MIM in assembly elections. But in MP elections he wanted to support BJP. This he will not open till the assembly elections are over. After that he will be with BJP. This is the agreement he made with Modi during his recent Delhi tour. So proper training is needed for the party cader to act carefully to the double game plan of KCR. That is why these meetings.

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    Previously KCR opted for both Parliament and Assembly elections at the same time saying ok for Mr.Modi's one nation and one election plan. But after he changed his thought on seeing that Mr.Modi's wave is decreasing and the opposition Congress may strengthen at the National level after M.P., Chattisghar and Rajasthan elections. Congress is its main opposition for him in the state and so if both the elections are held together, improvement of Congress wave in people may affect his prospects. So he is going for early elections.

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    What I feel that he will delegate the responsibility to his son KTR and he will shift to Delhi on Federal front.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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