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    What will be the prospectus of Indian postal bank payment system?

    Mr.Modi's government introduced experimentally Indian postal Payment Bank in few post branches. Our postal department is one of the oldest and largest next to Railways. But this department got the name as one of the laziest organization. The jobs of postal employees is secure the environment in which they work is quite different from their private counter parts. Most of the people have trust on private courier services and other private Telephone operators. With the advent of mobile revolution the dependency of people on postal department decreased and the asset value of this organization to government gone down drastically. In this net speed world also, for any work we go for any work it takes hours of time to complete because of lazy attitude of their employees. In thos context will these postal payment banks see success?
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    Over the years we have been trusting the Indian postal services and due to advent computer and email were slowly out of touch with post office and its need. But those senior citizens who have some money, wont believe the banks, instead saved in the postal savings account. And during demonetization, when every banks were closed for shortage of notes, the post offices were doing their work sincerely and in fact went to the colonies and distributed the cash for the exchange of old notes. So keeping this in mind , the government has further strengthened the role of post office on par with payment banks. At present private online networks were operating the payment banks which are not trust worthy. And those who have postal account, they are assured of their amount as the amounts are insured.
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    Indian Post Offices are very important in a village environment. In the villages, the post offices will be easily approachable and they serve better there the people. During the demonetization period when banks are not able to serve the people, many village post offices helped the old people there. My father used to get cash from the Post Office those days. Banking works in PO are easy and we can get it done with the help of the postmaster there. The crowd will be less here and help from the staff is good. I think Post offices can do a better job in Indian Postal banking payment system more so in villages and the government initiative is good in this respect.
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