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    Shy ISCian hesitate to post congratulatory messages to the members message about their achievements

    My dear Fellow ISCian,
    Why our fellow ISCians hesitate or ignore to respond with a congratulatory message to the members who post their achievement messages? What could be the reason? Are they against the member who achieved something in ISC? Or do they ignore such achievers? Or is it something personal?

    I feel, all the active members of forum section should respond with an encouraging message to boost the morale of the members. It should be a courtesy message from all our lovely and lively ISC member community. We should learn to appreciate others efforts. In ISC, I never failed to congratulate any members achievement, may it be getting awards, reaching next member level, birth day, wedding day, etc etc etc. It requires no thinking, no drafting, no editing, only a simple one or two word message. Congratulations, Well done, Great work, etc etc etc.

    @ Update: In the title, I typed Why, but it got typed as Shy. Now it fits to the title. I didn't want to edit the title. Is it ISC members shy that stop them to post congratulatory messages to the achievers.

    @ I hope to see a good response to this thread with their explanation and justification.
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    I agree with the author. The members should congratulate the other members who achieved some good awards or shared some good news regarding their progress. These congratulatory messages will give a boost to the member and he will get activated and contribute more and more. Many times I am the first to post these congratulatory messages as response to many of such posts. I feel all the members should start responding positively to such messages. That will help others also to post such messages.
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    I always make it a point to post the congrats message. We are not going to loose anything with such response, but the member who has achieved feels elated. But what is more worrying that the editors also ignore to respond over achievement threads posted by members. We are not asking for rewards or cash credits for the achievement, but a soothing message will pave way for good relations between the members and also the management. If ISC feels that members need not be responded for the testimonials posted here, then that slot can be removed so that we need not post future achievement.
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    I always post congratulatory messages to the award-winning Members. They certainly deserve it. At the same time, we also earn goodwill and valuable points by these congratulatory messages.
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    As usual, the trios of ISC (I call them as trios for being regular at ISC without a miss) Mohan - Rao - Partha responded to this thread as first three with their usual habit of posting responses to the threads raised in ISC. More responses will pour in, I hope.

    @This is what expected from every active ISCian.

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    I usually post a couple of lines. It is in good spirit that we acknowledge someone's achievement. At the end of the day, it's down to personal choice and one can't insist on these matters.

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    I agree.

    But I guess its not the shyness that prevents us from congratulating someone for his or her accomplishments. I believe, sometimes when we are too concerned with our own achievement or accomplishment, our vision becomes too narrow & we miss that part.

    It needs maturity to be open & accept everything as it is.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    The members in this Channel are having different background. The areas they working or worked are also different. Similar is the case with educational background and social background. We are different types of persons are there in our society. Some congratulate a person who do or win something good. At the same time some just hear the news and perhaps smile. Still another category behave as if nothing happened.
    Similar is the issue in our channel also. In my case I just go through the threads submitted for discussions. The other threads giving winners names etc. are skipped. Only occasionally I read them. Then I used to congratulate the winners.


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    Mr. TM Sankaran,
    All at ISC are expected to be cultured and well mannered. They may be belonging to different social background with high or low education. But ISC is a platform where we can learn, understand, improve or develop good habits. As many of us know to thank someone for the good words or deeds, or say sorry to someone for their unpleasant words or deeds, we should also learn to congratulate or compliment others achievement.

    @ We are here to learn good habits.

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    Thank you Mr. SuN.
    I never mentioned that Members of ISC are not cultured. As you mentioned the social background will be different. That was my presumption too.


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    You say Sun; you have said it before too (remember?). Acknowledging and praising one for achievements is not new. Each and every point or a reward in a contest is worth mentioning though. While we do accept your 999 achievements and that of Mohan having crossed our WM, do you really feel that the same need to be celebrated? It not about shying; we do accept!
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    It is the feeling of Mohan and and SuN to celebrate it and share it with fellow ISCian. Surely, it is Mohan's great achievement of surpassing WM Mr. Tony. And it is my achievement of making 999 points after many years.

    @ I brought out my own feeling in this thread. What is wrong? Many may consider it, and few members like you may ignore it. Who cares? Who worries? Whoever responded to this thread have seconded it, and you are against it. Nothing more to be said.

    @ It is a courtesy to respond when someone say something proudly. ISCians don't lose anything by posting a simple congratulatory message. In fact, they learn to congratulate. Thus they encourage the members and also earn few points to their credit.

    @Remember, we are learning many things through ISC. One is how to congratulate others.

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