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    Regarding the rejection of my article.

    Respected sir,
    Today I have written an article on the topic "Understanding biotechnology". It has been deleted. I am not able to understand this as I have written it in my own words with very simple English. My first article got rejected because it was definitely poor but in my opinion my today's article was somehow quite better. Also, my access to the site was also banned temporarily. I am not understanding the reason for it as I feel that my article was not that bad and I have reaserched about it throughly then I have decided to write about it. It was also not copy pasting.
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    The reason for deletion can be mentioned by the concerned Editor. But I have gone through some of your articles. You have to give html tag properly. Your sentence formation must be improved and you have to explain the issue with more clarity.

    I would advise you to go through the articles of the stalwarts like Ms. Juana, Ms. Vandana, Ms. Reena Upadhyay, Mr. Sivakumar (for example) and properly understand how a good article is written. You have to learn some basic html commands, and then post your articles. Your articles will definitely be approved and get handsome points and cash credits.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Thank you sir for your valuable response to my thread. I will definitely follow your guidance and try to better my writing skills.

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    We will check out the article and give you some feedback about it so that you would understand what is the error & how to improve on writing & presenting your article. Give us some time.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Thank you ma'am for your response. I will eagerly wait for the guidance from you in order to improve my presentation as well as my writing skills and I admire your work. Please give me some tips for better writing.

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    Unfortunately, we are unable to locate your article on biotechnology. Please provide the URL of the article (and always give the URL of any post of which you have a query for quick reference).

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Respected ma'am,
    The URL of my article "Understanding biotechnology": I have put quite an effort in writing this article. I will eagerly wait for your response.

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    The rejected status seems to be a technical error. It seems you have not put the article in published mode and it is still in draft mode as per the message which appears at the top of the article page, namely "This article is not published yet. The author may be still working on it. Please check back later." Hence, actually, the article has not even been seen by any editor.

    What you need to do -
    1. Via the 'Edit link' button provided, choose the option 'Article is ready to Publish' at the bottom of the page.
    2. Then click on the submit button.

    Now it will appear in the queue of articles under new submission and the article editors will review it. I would advise you, though, to first re-check the entire article for spelling and grammar errors. You could use the free Grammarly tool which the Webmasters have provided for members. I can also see typo errors, such as 'us' instead of the word 'is'.

    It would be good to put a better title for SEO purposes, that is, which would attract traffic. It is also required to put a summary of a few sentences in the box provided for it. Ensure, too, that you check if any of the content is also appearing at another site as copied text will not be accepted.

    A few suggestions: The opening paragraph can be put under a heading of 'Overview' or 'Introduction'. Then put a heading 'Colours of biotechnology' with h2 tags and the subsequent colour-related biotech types with h3 tags. Similarly, put 'Role of biotechnology' in h2 tags and the subsequent fields in h3 tags. In case the editor who reviews it has further suggestions, the article will be put in pending, with the suggestions appearing in a blue box at the bottom. In case the article is shifted to pending for further grammar or other corrections, the reasons for pending will appear at the top of the article for you to know.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Respected ma'am,
    Thanks you so much for your helpful guidance. Ma'am, I have submitted my article with a new title "Overview of biotechnology" with some changes in it. It is still showing on the top that "this article has been rejected". I just wanted to ask ma'am, whether my article has gone for the review to the editors!

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