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    TV serial or a film?

    There is one famous serial that is aired on a very leading Tamil TV channel, which has created all records for viewership in recent times. It is on air at exactly 8 PM.

    It has all the masala that we normally associate with crime thrillers. The plots and the sub-plots and the precision with which the leading lady takes on the might of the bad man, who had actually murdered her own father to take over the wealth, is simply gripping. One really wonders if there are smart MBA marketing wiz kids suggesting these kinds of stories or whether the director himself has become so smart to spin off such TV serials. He had actually created records in India. His previous TV serial was watched by an estimated five crores of Tamils all over the world, and that was said to be a big record for all Indian language serials, including Hindi.

    We have never had it so good. So, instead of watching a movie, the thirty minutes of our time, mostly over dinner is well spent. Do you have such serials in other languages too?
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    I do not know what tv serial you are talking about. But when you visit the great Hindi channels airing the reality shows on Saturdays and Sundays their viewership were great and growing. Like the one Zee tv Dramebaz of the children being enacted by small children in a cinematic style is very much interesting as anyone would love to watch small children performing adult acts. Like wise the singing competition in Sony and Star plus are super hit on week end days Soon we are going to have the treat from Amitabh Bachhan through Kaun Banega Crorepati season and that would outclass all other ratings either too enjoyed by local channels.
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    Sir, I referred to Deiva Magal, hugely successful serial on Sun TV. All figures were given by trade sources. The You tube also carried a video. That it was watched by around 5.5 crore Tamils or people also knowing Tamil, is a huge record. Am also told about all the shows you are talking about. I do watch them sparingly.

    The present serial now talked about is a serial called "Nayagi" live on Sun TV at 8 PM. This is a serial that looks more like a Tamil movie.

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    So far I have never watched TV serials. Not only myself but also the other members of our family will not watch these TV serials. That is why my knowledge on this subject is zero. But we should not encourage the kids and students to watch TVs for serials. They are not well received by many people. So I don't have any idea about the
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