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    At times, I am not able to edit my own response in a thread.

    Dear ISC, Editors and Members,
    At times, I am unable to get my response edited in someone's thread. I experienced it in the past. Now I am experiencing it. In the thread regarding 'Myth of stock market', I made a spelling mistake and I want to correct it. Unfortunately, the edit button is not available to me in my response. Hence, I am not able to correct it. Whereas in other threads, edit button is available in my responses.

    What could be the reason, ISC?
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    When the internet connection goes on and off and at that time we are not able to see all the buttons. The ISC site is working well and I could edit the contents.
    K Mohan
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    I do not have any internet connectivity problem. Yet, I check the same thread after reading your above response. The edit button is still missing there. Who has stolen the edit button from that thread? I really wonder this bug.
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    Sorry, that was my mistake. When shifting that thread about myths about the stock market from the Ask Expert section to the forum, I had forgotten to unlock the edit button (it gets locked by the automated system when shifting). Hence, nobody responding in that thread would have been able to use the edit button for their responses. Please check now and see if you are able to use the edit button and make the requisite correction which you wanted to make.

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    Vandana Madam,
    I got my edit button back now. I have edited my response in that thread. Very Many Thanks. Now we know how an edit button could be lost.

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