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    Is rock salt good for health?

    Today when I visited a super market, I found Rock salt in the name of various companies. Tata company is also selling this salt. When I go through the in formation on those different company packets they are saying 80 odd minerals will be there in this salt in which some pink salt granules also there. The benefits mentioned due to use of this salt-improvement in digestion, improves respiratory problems, improves circulation, pH levels of the body balanced, quiter sleeping will be improved etc. But the cost of this salt is around Rs. 65, 90- 99 etc. Previously I am using Tata low sodium salt. Members do you have any experience with rock salt? Is it good for health or it is market tactics?
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    Our grand parents were habituated to use the rock salt during those days and it is believed that the content of salt in every tea spoon is more and that even adding little would add taste to the food. But over the years the multinational companies which started producing salt in large scale have started campaign of salt must have iodine and sodium content and that forced the local law enforcing agencies to stop functioning of the regular rock salt factories. Even today for preparing the pickles or especially the famed " Aavakkai Urugai" the rock salt is extensively used to retain the taste and that also keeps the content from decaying. So those who understood the importance of rock salt are still using the same. But modern mothers are so health conscious as they watch more television ads , thus use only branded salt which is promoted on televisions.
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    Rock salt is the best salt to use. It will have many good minerals and metals useful for our well being. In our olden days many were using this salt only. Over a period of time the table salt usage has increased. This salt is purified version of original salt. In the process of purification many minerals and metals were removed . So the salt has lost its value. So it is causing many health problems. But the rock salt is a good material made directly from sea water which will have many value added micronutrients which are good for our heath. Again this realisation has come into the people and they are trying to use this rock salt. I support usage of rock salt in our foods.
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