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    Which is the pen you like to use for writing?

    Though we have reduced our writing habit to a great extent due to availability of computers in many forms and cell phones, the technology of writing pens have improved lot.

    Many decades back, we had been using only fountain pens which requires frequent filling of ink from an ink bottle with an ink filler or directly into the pen. Various brands of inks are still available to us viz Parker, Brite, Camelin etc in various colours viz Blue, black, blue black, red, violet and green.

    Presently, we have many brands of ball pens in different attractive shapes and colours. There are ordinary ball pens with refills, and Gel ink pens. Also we have use and throw ball pens available for throw away prices.

    My question to you:
    Which is the pen you like to use for better handwriting? Is it the same old Fountain Pen or just an ordinary ball pen, or a Gel ink pen? Also explain why you like such pens.
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    Perhaps, Mr. Sun missed another variety of pen, which I had to use while I was in my lower school classes, may be in the second to forth forms. That pen was known as 'steel pen'. That pen can be used only with the help of a bottle of ink, which is to be carried together with the pen. During those days the desk on which we keep our book and write used to have a circular hole in which the ink bottle can be placed safely. When writing the steel pen will be dipped in the ink and start writing. After writing one or two sentences, again the pen had to dipped in the ink. This continues till the whole writing was completed. In fact I remember my hand writing was better during those days . When the fountain pens replaced these steel pens, the handwriting did not show much change. However, the ban pen showed a negative result. Gel pens are better. When putting the signature I notice the ball pen is not perfect. Hand writing is also not coming out clearly.

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    I use different types of pen. I still use fountain pens extensively besides using ball-point pen and gel pens. I use more than thirty pens. My aim is to purchase a costly Montblanc Pen on my own.

    Mr. Sankaran has reminded me of the description of pens in olden days by my father. He told me about the circular holes for ink. During his time, there was no inkpot for purchase. Tablets (golis) were purchased, which when mixed with water, the ink was formed. This ink in a bottle was kept in the holes made in the desk.

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    Well using ink pens were gone era for me as I am habituated to write with ball point pen. Previously I used to depend and rely on the quality of Reynolds , but it started problem with quality as the pen used to stop in middle while writing seriously and thus got rid of that brand. Now some local brands are very good and in Charminar area we get whole lots of pens which are not so branded and yet work for long time, no leakage of ink and the point would be sharper to write thin letters and that would occupy the less space and more content can be written on the book or the paper. But I am given to understand that those who have habit of writing with ink pen, their hand writing would be super and superior to their own normal writing. And signature with green ink pen testifies its own importance and gives instant decoration to the paper in which it was signed.
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    Ball point for me because I'm still a student. Ball points are good because they don't leak up much. Gel pens destroy our books with smudges and leaks. Fountain pens are not that predictable either.
    So I use ball pens. I would usually use any pen I come across but Flairs writometer writes a lot. So I buy that one and use it the most.

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    I use all the pens for writing. I use Fountain pens for signatures. I use Gel pens for a page writing only. For prolonged writing, I use good quality ball point pens. Cello power is a ball point pen I keep in my pocket.

    I am a pen lover. Whenever I see a good pen in the stationary shop, I buy it. Every year, I buy 100 ball point/gel pens worth Rs. 500/- and gift it to children during my temple festival.

    Last month, I bought a Hero pen (Made in China) for Rs. 48/- with a Camelin Blue ink bottle.

    @ Sankaran Sir, I purposely did not include the steel pen that is not in existence.

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    You are right, Mr.SuN. I mentioned about steel pen with reference to handwriting. Those pens were used to write legal documents and such other records, since the letters were more clear.
    The mention about the ink used with steel pen is also right. The ink was available in the market in the form of tablets, which was to be put in water and diluted to make ink.


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    I have not used steel pens. But I had seen this pen while it was being used by my father. I used all other types of pens. Even today I carry with me a pen in my pocket. My grand daughter always pulls it out from my pocket and plays with it for some time. Then she will throw it out.
    I prefer ball point pens these days. Gel pen I use for signing. I have a hobby of collecting different types of pens. I will keep them in a tray in my cupboard. Whenever I see a new type of pen I will purchase it and keep it in my cupboard.
    These days we are getting very cheap use and throw pens are available and they are costing less than a cup of tea. We can use it and once the stuff is over we can discard it. Our writing is very less these days, these you and throw pens are going for more than even one or two months.

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