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    Order out of disorder in our life

    Life is a mysterious entity. It is difficult and puzzling in it's various ways.

    We want to explain its complexities by our own logics and explainations but they do not correspond one to one.

    I have seen some cases where people have been adversely affected by rigourous exercises while the moderate exercise did not have such negative results.

    Some people take a prticular food for a long time. They avoid all other foods. It is found they get some deficiencies in their bodies while the people taking various types of foods do not suffer such syndrome.

    I feel these things are a type of order out of the disorders in this world.

    What do you think about this?
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    I wont give credence to diet restrictions which will have lasting impression on our health and healthy life. I have been eating various kinds of food since many years and of course all the vegetable items and my body accepts every kind of preparation and I wont restrict myself. One thing is sure that as long as your body accepts and has the capacity to digest, one can take any kind of food. And by restricting food, we are suppressing our urge to have different taste food and that has been denied. And what I observed that those who have so many restrictions would try to come out of the ring at the wee end of their life.
    K Mohan
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    Athi sarvatra varjayet. Too much is to be discorded always, is the meaning of the phrase in Sanskrit mentioned in the beginning. Whether it is eating, exercising or talking, we should not go beyond limits. Even if somebody is resisting you you should not go on requesting forever.
    I have seen people who spoiled their healths by doing over workings. I have seen who spoiled their heaths by eating very high quantities of sweets. I have seen people making their lives miserable in convincing the people who never accepted them.
    Everything should be within limits. The limits may vary from person to person. I may be able to eat 4 Idly but the other person may get satisfied with 3 idly. Each one should restrict himself to his own limits.

    always confident

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    I believe, the problem is not about what you eat or avoid. The problem is how much you eat or the quality of preparation.

    Sometimes we eat too much or too less depending upon our like and dislike; or the food items are good but the way they are prepared is wrong (too much spices, salt, sugar etc.).

    We need to learn to be moderate in everything.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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