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    Check for details when you book online

    There are so many online booking vehicles to book a room in any hotel in the big cities. Some do not even demand upfront payment. However, a particular website that has the word "trip" in its name, took me for a ride sometime ago, when I wanted to visit Coimbatore city for personal work. A very famous hotel that also has a very good and tasty vegetarian restaurant very near the city Collectorate, is also listed in the website.

    After discount, I was asked to pay up Rs. 657 for a single room, non-air conditioned room. There is no need for AC in this city that is always pleasant at night. When I approached the reception, they informed me that I was not entitled to free breakfast. I could have got the free complementary breakfast if I had just rang up and booked the room.

    The next time, I just rang the same hotel, and was asked to pay just Rs.600/-. I was also given a free breakfast, that, at current prices would cost me at least one hundred rupees. So, I actually ended up paying only Rs.500 in a very good hotel.

    Members, please check all details before doing your online booking. These smart guys hike up the rates and then give us the discount.
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    That is true. Especially the online booking for hotels for small cities and towns is not very much needed. When we had a trip to Tirupathi, we want to go first to Kalahasti. We have to have our morning routines and for that we should have some accommodation. So my sons tried to do online booking. But when we have seen the details online the costs appeared high. So we have kept quiet. Then after going to that place we had been to the same hotel and got two rooms booked by personally paying money. The charges are very less than what it was shown online. By not taking reservation online we saved good money.
    The online people try to increase the rates and then offer some discounts. Even then rates are higher than normal. But these days Oyo rooms are available and they are really good rooms with less tariff. During our Tirupathi trip we booked rooms in this OYO for our stay at Tirupathi. The same way we booked our rooms in OYO during our trip to Nasik also.

    always confident

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