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    How fast would internet be in outer space

    So imagine you are watching a video on your android phone on Youtube and your network fails. You will see a picture of an astronaut sitting on an steroid holding a tablet, with "You're offline,see your downloads" written below. The portrayal is amusing because we almost have internet everywhere today on the planet. Only when you are stranded upon on an inhabitable island you will be devoid of internet and what can portray loneliness better than Space!

    We all know the basics behind Internet. International Space Station of NASA uses 300 mbps internet through Space Network for its working. Thats's really really fast. NASA and ISRO have 91gbps and 10gbps of internet speeds respectively. You would think that because of almost nil interference internet should be faster in space. But the path that takes place when an astronaut connects to a website takes multiple turns. From satellites,to servers and then response. Thankfully radio waves can travel long distances in less time. So its like this. The internet is rather fast on Earth than on ISS. So astronauts download movies and videos to pass their time, when they are on earth to watch in ISS because online streaming would be tedious there. But they have very reliable communication network through mails and video calling which can be established in a minute. The plan is to make the network a laser input. Lasers are concentrated so a larger amount of data can be assessed and sent.

    Such is the significance of that spaceman that I notice everytime my network goes offline. I wonder how many "easter eggs" life has for me like this. I get to learn things much sophisticated through these trivial observations I make daily. I think that is the beauty of internet. As the saying goes "a thousand web pages can be told by a single JPEG".
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    From my knowledge and experience what I feel that outer space cannot have the signals of the internet at all, There may be other arrangement to emit signals or talk through wireless but surely Internet may not be the source. If Internet can be possible, we would be online with NASA mission on every endeavor. Most of the satellites that are sent for the communication purpose are stationed just above the earth and not the outer space and they transmits the rays to the master control facility through which the feeds are then distributed through cable and wireless gadgets. Members can put their views too.
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    I am also sure that outer space will not have any signals. Even in a flight when you are travelling, if you put on your cell phone you will not get any signals. The Space research organisations will have some ways and equipment to be in contact with the satellites in the outer space. They may be receiving signals through the amplifiers and other receiving equipment specially designed for this purpose. So chances of having internet in outer space at the moment are not possible. We don't know NASA or ISRO may come out successfully in providing internet services in the outer space also. Nothing is impossible. Only it is a matter of time.
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    Well there is a "Space network" that ISS uses. It is existent. Low earth orbit spacecrafts can tap into the network. It is possible because of the ground terminal and geosynchronous satellites' cooperation. If a spacecraft is far away, suppose near the moon, the spacecraft usually relies on its own custom networking or the Deep Space Network.
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