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    Is homeopathy a better form of Indian medicine than other forms?

    Do you feel that homoeopathy is more effective in the treatment of health problems as compared to other forms like Ayurved? Share your own personal experiences and bring out its effectiveness.

    When I was recently in Coimbatore, I wanted a remedy for some little gastric trouble. Since the doctors were not available, I approached a nearby pharmacy selling homeopathy medicines. The person there gave me a very small tube for Rs.40/-, and asked me to chew the small (very small indeed) medicines three at a time, once in three hours.

    I was pleasantly surprised to know that it worked so well. He had actually told me that it is purely herbal preparation and would have no side effects whatsoever.

    Is homeopathy a better form of Indian medicine than say, Ayurvedha or Siddha medicine? Members with some experience of Homeopathy may please answer this question.
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    If he gave you to chew something, it was probably not a Homeopathic medicine. Homepathy is a psuedoscience with no scientific clinical trials provings its working. Please read the basis of these medicines and how they are made. The dilution rates of the "active ingrediant" makes it as good as having just the alcohol part or the sugar part of the formula. The rate at which dilution is done in Homeopathic formulas will make even radioactive metals harmless.

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    We have had discussions in the past comparing the effectiveness of homoeopathy with that of allopathy. Ayurvedic treatment has also been mentioned in a few discussions when making the comparison.

    We will allow this discussion for some fresh perspectives.

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    "He had actually told me that it is purely herbal preparation and would have no side effects whatsoever. "

    Is homoeopathy a herbal medicine?

    Homoeopathy medicine is not known to give instant relief. The treatment is often prolonged. I know of at least one case, where a homoeopathic doctor had been prescribing steroids, in the name of homoeopathy, to a child suffering from asthma. The child was getting better, but there were side-effects, which turned out to be a result of the steroids.

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    The proof of the pudding is in eating.
    Those who got cured by certain medicines or certain system or certain doctors will vouch for the efficacy of that medicine, that system or that doctor.
    As Homeopathy is around her for many years now, and not much adverse results(of any alarming proportion) have been reported, and as many people still are loyal users of Homeopathy system, I will not say that it is fake or pseudo.
    Definitely many people are cured by homeopathic medicines. In fact when I was a child, my maternal grandfather used to go to a homeopathy practitioner only as he was the one easily available all time being a local man. My father was maximum using Ayurvedic medicines. But even he had to undergo surgery in allopathy for a problem. My uncle was running a medical store supplying both homeo and allopathic medicines many decades ago. He was using Allopathy , homeopathy and Ayurvedic medicines- depending on health issues and convenience and urgency.

    I have not taken homeopathy medicines and not visited a homeopathy doctor also till date. For most health issues I visit alopathy doctors and take Allopathy medicines. But I also use Ayurveda medicines more as home remedies and convalescents rather than therapeutics. But I can say that Ayurvedic medicines are more effective and result giving in certain problems than allopathy.

    So I will give Allopathy, Ayurveda and Hopmeopathy their own place and leave it to people to decide to which to stick on and when by their own experience.
    But the general caution is let them approach only qualified, licensed and authorised practitioners only.y

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    Homeopathy is not part of the Indian system of medicine. It was developed in Germany in the nineteenth century. Further, as Ms. Juana have already pointed out, the treatment is often prolonged. Homeopathy is not related to herbal treatment.
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    There are many ailment curing systems in the world. Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, Accupuncture, Naturo etc are some of them.

    Allopathy by virtue of its scientific background and advanced surgery is the undisputed leader.

    Coming to Homeopathy, it was a system proposed by a person, Hoffman, who believed that by diluted quantities of certain materials, miraculous curing can be obtained. Unfortunately, the truth in his belief is still to be affirmed scientifically. It is yet another thing that it has become so famous that it is used by people across the globe.

    Ayurvedic system is based on the natural materials whose efficacies are well established by practice. Though the statistical success ratio of this system is also disputed. This ratio tells us how many ailing people took the medicine and out of that how many were cured.

    One thing which is to be clearly understood in this reference is that there are many symptoms and ailments in the body which subside with time just by taking rest and food precautions and no medicines are required for curing of such situations. Still, if a person has taken some homeopathic medicine during that time he may attribute the curing to that medicine. But that is not the truth.

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    Normally Homeo medicines are also people friendly and in fact we have medicines for the chronic diseases which are either being found nor diagnosed by the allopathy way of medicine. For example my father in law had thorns in the foot and that has grown too much. With English medicines, the thorns used to get rid off from outside, but the roots cannot be destroyed. But by consulting a famous Homeo doctor who thoroughly cured this problem permanently and my father in law was completely surprised with little cost treatment and that too fully eradicated. So Homeo works for those who believe.
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    Sirs and Madam Juana and Vandana Madam. The tube is not even one inch. The tablets are very very small. Since I was totally new to this medicine after taking it for just one day am back home and to astachurna which is basically an ayurvedic preparation. Here the allopathy doctor immediately warned me that the drugs given should never be taken. From your answers, one finds both the plus and minus. Let to stick to Ayurveda and Siddha for ordinary ailments and to allopathy for the rest. Chennai is home to some of the costliest but also best hospitals in India.

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    Homoeopathy is also a good way of treatment for curing. But the doctor should be having good knowledge about the subject. The doctor has to study the patient's history well and then treat the patient. Actually, there are some medicines in Homoeopathy also which are extracted from some plants. Nux Vomica is a homoeopathy medicine extracted from a plant having the same name and this tree is originated in China and Thailand. This is a famous medicine in this type of treatment.
    Homoeopathy treatment will never give instant relief and it takes a lot of time to get cured. But it will cure the problem permanently. The medicines should be selected very carefully and a wrong medication will give new problems. So I feel Ayurvedic method of treatment is the best method for treatment.

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