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    Is excess sweating bad for health or is it okay?

    In Chennai and most of Tamil Nadu, we sweat a lot. Only during November and December, the rains come and the climate is pleasant and the sun does not beat down as it does otherwise.

    There is one theory that excess sweating is actually good for health. All the viruses get killed in the heat and the body is able to get the vital resistance power. Doctors do not necessarily agree, but there are some doctors who do agree to some extent.

    What is the actual scientific truth? Does excessive sweating do good to human beings? Members who know the technical side ( with published proof) may please answer this question. The picture is still not clear.
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    The word excess itself suggests that it's not good. We don't see its side effects because we timely replenish our body with water or other liquids. If the body is sweating because of the weather, there is no harm, as its body's natural mechanism to keep itself cool.

    As long as we are not doing something deliberately to sweat, anything that happens to the body naturally in not harmful.

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    Well getting sweat is the good cause and it helps the body to get rid of virus creating elements inside the body. As our body is already in heat mode, little humidity in the climate would bring sweating and in Chennai the seas shore is nearby and hence the humidity is more which gives rise to sweat. Normal sweating is natural and tolerable. But I have seen people sweating continuously even after enough air flow was there and they keep on swiping their face. That is the disease and the bad odor emanate from the over sweating person. Better to apply Hyderabad Ithar or scent to get rid of sweat odor for the whole day.
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    sweating is a natural phenomenon. When you exercise the body will undergo some additional work and then it may sweat a lot. The extent of Sweating depends on the condition of the weather. If the weather is having high humidity percentage, chances of sweating are more. Generally, in Coastal areas, seashore areas and similar places, sweating will be more you feel as the sweating coming from your body will not get dried quickly. In hilly areas and other places humidity percentage is less you will never feel that you are sweating. The sweat coming out from your body will get dried very easily the body will become dry.
    When we have a fear of something those times when we experience those things we will sweat a lot. Excessive sweating may make you feel like a little weak. Those times you may have to go for some water. Some people especially ladies will have wetted palms because of sweating at that area. It indicates some health disorder and it is better to consult a doctor if someone is having this problem.

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