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    Do you really become emotional in your real life like the actors in films?

    We all watch films. We see the characters playing the role get emotional and speak annoying words in a loud voice, or speak sweet and soothing words to pacify or convince. They hug emotionally. They fight emotionally. They show their anger emotionally. They sing song emotionally. They smile or laugh or shed tears emotionally.

    In your real life, do you act like the film characters?
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    Yes I get emotional when I see a moving scene which touch my heart. Not only during film watching but also during the reality show. In Mahanati film , I felt bad for the last scene, where Savitri was not cared even by her own servants who have now become rich. That turn around of life really got emotionally charged in me. And in one of the Hindi reality show a boy who was ragged and abused in the school by group of strong boys and he wont reveal the happenings to mother and got suppressed. So that grudge was made him to write rap songs on any subject within seconds and thus made him famous. I got deeply emotional with that boy.
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    I never get emotional during real life. I take the things the way they come. That way I am very stable and do all the acts with a lot of thought process only. I will never do any acts with emotions. I have seen many people getting emotional in real life. It is no way better for anybody to become emotional. There are many chances to do mistakes under the influence of emotions. That will be understood by them once they are out from the effect of that emotion. In movies, they do a little over action and show emotions more than required. This is more in old moves. Tamil actors exhibit emotions more than Telugu actors.
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    I am talking about emotions in real life with our family members (Dad, mom, wife, brothers, sisters and children) and relatives, friends and also strangers. Watching a cinema and getting emotional by seeing a scene is different. Your emotion in a theatre is for few seconds or minutes, and known to you alone, not to the others. So let it be. Talk about real life emotions.

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