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    Have you ever become Lord Krishna or participated in the Dahi Handi celebrations on Janmashtami ?

    We always made a point to dress our children when they were small as Lord Krishna or Radha during the Janmashtami festivities but unfortunately the Dahi Handi celebrations wont happen in Hyderabad but it would happen during Ganesh Utsav. In that our children used to participate and enjoy. What about you or your children whether participated in such festive events. If yes please share the details here and if possible a photo also. It is nice to watch even Chandrababu Naidu grand son donning the character of Krishna.
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    I have attended some dahi handi celebrations in Mumbai. It is very exciting and the audience is equally enthusiastic and excited as the participant.

    Each attempt with loud music in background is really very thrilling and fun filled.

    If you happen to attend the thrill once, you will yearn for more such sessions. This is a game of cooperation and team work and even a weak link in between, the attempt will fail.

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    No, I have never participated in 'Dahi-Handi' celebration although I have watched it on television. I do understand this requires regular practice and taking part requires body fitness and various other techniques.

    I have also read now that yesterday an unfortunate death occurred to a participant in Mumbai.

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    Dahi Handi festival will be celebrated on Krishna Ashtami in many places of Andhra Pradesh. Many people will participate in this function.
    My elder son was dressed as Lord Krishna during his childhood and we have taken photographs and kept them in our album. But he never participated in Dai Handi Festival.
    Yesterday we dressed our granddaughter as Lord Krishna and photos were taken and circulated to many of my relations on whats App.
    In our student days, we have acted a stage show in which Lord Krishna will go to the houses of Yadavas in his area and eat butter. In that show, I portrayed the portion of Lord Krishna. The show was selected as the best show and we were allowed to participate in district level competitions. In district level competitions, we just got a consolation prize only.

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    I had no such experience of becoming Krishna as a child or youth. And I did not make my children to play the role of Krishna. We avoid make-ups to be different.

    During my childhood days I have enjoyed "Uriyadi Thiruvizha" in which a pot filled with currency notes will be hung on a rope between two poles. People will try to reach the pot with a stick in hand.

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