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    Identify your talents and use them for the welfare of the society

    Every person has many talents and I have found that he does not know his own talents. It is very important that we should identify our talents and should use them for the welfare of the society. If we would be able to identify our own talents the talents will be destroyed and we would not be able to use them in the future. These talents are god gift for us and we should use them. If every person will identify his own talent and will use for the society there is no barrier to the progress of the society.
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    Many of us don't know the talents we are having. But somebody else may notice and encourage us to develop those talents and skills. Once we develop those skills and talents and use it for our benefit and for the benefit of the society without doing any damage to any other person, it is always good.
    Hanuman is having good energy but he himself doesn't know the quantum of his energy. When all the Vanaras are struck with the problem of flying over the ocean, all are worried and they are losing the hope of locating Sita. Hanuman is also very much worried. But his friend Sugreeva and Jambavanta know that Hanuman is capable of crossing the ocean. They went to Hanuma and motivated to fly over the sea. Finally, Hanuma accepted and crossed the ocean, found Sita and shared the news with Rama. Like this, anyone can notice their inner talents and use for the society's benefit, it should be appreciated by one and all.

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    Many of us have different facet and talents which are hidden within us and that is not known even to us. Only when others observe and pat us , we come to know the real talent within us and the greater potential to develop self and others. But unfortunately we want to help others and wants to go one step ahead, but there is no proper channel or the push to introduce us for the better reach. That is why many are sulking without any progress and fear also one more reason for not opening up with others. But I am feeling that our talent must be useful for others and we must create a new person out of our knowledge.
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