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    Do you feel that we being a human being is more responsible but do we really behave in that way?

    Today morning the Delhi has again witnessed of high rainfall & although lesser rush today few but still led to the congestions leaving the pedestrians too in the pity conditions. When we watch the live of the incidences like the flood scenario or the road blockages by a group of people or road misshape & many others which led to uneasiness to someone who is actually not responsible for any of those but still liable to bear along with others. How often we are putting ourselves onto the shoes of others & initiate the actions in order to improve the situations instead of compromising & negotiating with it?
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    Yesterday I was travelling by car from Vijayawada to Hyderabad. The road is very good and the cars are moving at a good speed. From a car which was overtaking our car, a person opened the window and throw the rubbish on to the road when the car is travelling very fast. This is the mentality of the people. We speak many things about cleanliness and we never bother about the cleanliness of the roads. This will show how we behave outside. Is it right to throw the waste on to the road like this?
    When we can't adhere to small good points how can we expect others to be more responsible? Every person should do his best to see that others will not suffer because of our acts. When we plan our issues we should also keep the society and its requirements in mind so that our acts will never cause any problem to the society and fellow human beings.

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    The other day I had been to fetch vegetables at the Monda Market in Secunderabad which was always over crowd due to festivities. Those who are having banana and tasting one or two are throwing the pills on the road itself. Even vehicles have chance to skid especially the two wheeler and the for human being also it is risk. I have told the vendor to take those pills and put it beneath his cart and then dispose it at the dustbin. For which he politely agreed and done the work. But those who thrown the pill wont understand the pain of those who skid and fall on the ground with great impact.
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    This attitude prevails in every society irrespective of the people are educated or not. There are certain people who clean the premises of their houses and the wastes are deposited in neighbours' compound, without being noticed by others.
    It is almost common that the plantain peels are thrown in the same place where from it was taken and eaten. Why the bus tickets or other waste papers are thrown away without seeing the locality.
    At the same time they will try to keep their house premises clean. Here we very often notice people coming in cars during night or early morning and depositing plastic bags containing waste. They will be highly placed in the Society and travelling in costly cars. Now there are Residents' Associations, which follow such people. The Associations have started installing monitoring cameras in junctions. This is seen to be working. In certain roads even after fixing the cameras, some people were continuing with their negative attitude. The Association authorities looked into the photos appearing in the computer connected to the cameras and took print outs and pasted the same on compound walls such that the passers by noticed the culprits. Immediately there came responses and they stopped the wrong practice.


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