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    Does God really come into a Human?

    I want to know the truth behind this - people assume that God comes into a human. But I wonder why does God need to literally enter a the body of His creation? I also have a doubt where the body can talk the language that it has not acknowledged in its life, like speaking ancient Tamil and sometimes even fluent Mandarin - how is it possible?! How do they also solve problems of people who visit them, which may be just a business trick! How is this supposedly miraculous thing possible?

    I firmly disagree that God does not enter a body of His own creation, but what is the strong proof of this? We need to prove this to people who are blindly believing this nonsense!
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    You see there are too many misconceptions or superstitions prevailing in this world; and not every misconception or superstition can be proved right or wrong.

    In general, these are matters of faith or belief and therefore somewhat difficult to support or criticize rationally. However, if a matter is (in anyway) associated with one's religion, the matter becomes sensitive as well.

    It's not that miracles don't happen. They do happen. Our very existence is a miracle; our Mind is a miracle; formation of a baby in mother's womb is a miracle; sound sleep when we get disengaged with our Mind & Body, is a miracle; how our body operates without our knowledge & effort, is a miracle. What else is life but a miracle?

    Various people will have various opinions & responses about this subject, but opinions & responses are not facts. You must understand that Mind is a very complex instrument. There are various levels & various layers within this instrument. It captures everything that happens around us and stores as memory. It's the Body that decays not the Mind. Mind moves on to the next life. And therefore Mind can be considered as a memory bank, which has stored & retained everything that a human being has ever learned or experienced since the evolution.

    A man who is declared mad clinically behaves in a different manner than the man who is enlightened. Nothing changes except the state of mind. One is in total disorder, and the other is in perfect order. So one thing is clear that it's the mind that does all the mischief.

    Those who claim that God has taken hold of or entered their body, suffer from a slight mental disorder. It triggers in specific circumstances. It should not be considered either right or wrong; as this is also a state of mind. At a certain level, the person sometimes touch the subconscious & display that knowledge that was hidden deep inside (but it was very much there).

    This entire universe is the manifestation of God. God can neither enter nor exit anything. God is not the doer, He is neutral & impartial. Do not try to prove, explain or change anything. Just observe.

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    God does not enter a human being just like that. There needs to be faith, penance and above all the belief. Many may not believe that God certainly enter the human being of his choice. In the just concluded Mahankalai Jatara held at the Secunderabad Ujjaini temple. after the Jatara day, the next day is called Rangam and ritual is held every year. During Rangam the God sayer , a women and I am seeing her for this ritual regularly and she stands on the earthen pot and say the God saying and even answers the question. The sayings are highly believed and the suggestions are taken into account.
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    This is also God created personnel with some divine power. As God creates humans with physical deficiencies like lame, deaf, blind and dumb which are visible to all externally, God has created the human being with some power inside the human being. We find someone possessing extraordinary power viz Sakunthala and Ramanujam for their mathematics. They solved mathematical problems within no time. There are young children who can store things in their memory. Similarly, someone is gifted with some sort of power when they worship the deity. They get some spirit in their body that we call it as God in the form of human.

    We can see all the peculiarity in the god in human form. In south India, we can experience many wonders by the human believed to be God. Even they speak a language not known to them. Of course, there are many fake human Gods.

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    This is a phenomenon generally seen in villages or small township or some times in the vicinity of temple that a person starts behaving un naturally and also start talking in mixed or unfamiliar languages.

    There is no scientific reason for doing such a thing. Only thing which can be said about such behavior is that some times a person gets excited with the religious surroundings and various underlying things in his subconcious mind start manifesting in his behaviour and it is erroneously understood as the entry of almighty God inside him. In fact this is the interpretation given by the religious leaders and
    gullible people believe in it.

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    We can't believe certain things and at the same time, we can't completely ignore them. Some people with their behaviour, discipline, Dharmacharana and other ethical ways, acquire some additional powers. Many people never exhibit those qualities publicly. Sri Chandrasekhara Saraswati was one such Godly man. They can keep things under their control. This is regarding the special qualities possessed by some special people.
    Nobody can prove that God will enter into someone's body. Aham Brahmasmi. I am the GOD. The GOD is there in you. me and even in all creatures. But all depends on the way you look at it. Certain issues when we observe we may get astonished but we can't explain them with some scientific facts. It is all in the individual's belief and mind set.

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    The condition you describe is called possession. Possessions are quite common. So common that they appear in every religion and culture. Mayan shamans used to get possessed by their patron god during blood sacrifices. Greek Oracles get possessed by Apollo in their clairvoyance. Many Christians get possessed by the Holy Spirit on Good Friday. Islam though doesn't acknowledge possessions. That is why Muslims are one of the best exorcists. Possessions should not always be linked with malevolent spirits. You can be possessed by anything that you believe.

    This phenomenon can be termed as the awakening of the unconscious. If you could analyse all these cases you'll find they follow a specific routine. Tightly arranged drum beats, waking up long past midnight, anger causing circumstances, plain anxiety..etc. .
    Rituals sometimes get tiring. This exhaustion manifests itself as a "spirit". It's as easy as that. It can be scientifically proven and calculated even, how much you get "possessed" that is.

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    Once while delivering a lecture to us, the HOD discussed few of the topics in context to our independence & in that we also discussed something about the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Each one of us know that he was a great personality but in whatsoever he wasn't a magician & he carried away with many mistakes too but the way he is being remembered to us today is of that he made the Britishers leave the country & that he brought the freedom for us & even without non-violence. To some extent this could be right but not possible entirely. In many of his posters he can be seen with some circle being flashing in the back screen. This new trend shows about how the perceptions are getting changed of him & less doubtful that he even may be compared with the traditional Gods of the Hindu culture in the next 100 years. The same remained the case with elsewhere too irrespective of time & place.

    You will agree to this that during the last few centuries we have come-up with many God & Goddesses which is more in numbers in comparison to the numbers of God & Goddesses which we have created during the millions of years of human civilization.

    In response to your query regarding, how do they also solve problems of people who visit them, which may be just a business trick! How is this supposedly miraculous thing possible?, the answer would be that this remains the natural process wherein the things are getting automatically adjusted by itself. This also needs not to get forgotten that you too have carried with your efforts too which makes it possible in either ways.

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    When I read this thread I remembered about a statement made by a friend of mine, who is a Professor in Psychology. He was just clarifying the difference between 'mind' and 'matter' in simple way. If you ask ' what is matter? ', answer is ' never mind'. If you ask ' what is mind?', the answer will be 'doesn' t matter'.
    Like this the question here is about something which is existing (matter) and which is not existing physically ( mind). If one is believing in the existence of God, the same is there within the person's mind always. For non- believers it cannot exist there.


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