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    How to prevent these incidents from ever happening again?

    It is shocking. It is a shame for the entire city of Chennai. A very young girl kills her two children, and tries to kill her husband too. The two children are dead and her lover is arrested. Based on his information, she is also arrested.

    A friendship that lasted just two months had turned into a nightmare for two innocent children. They will never ever be back. The young girl is in police custody. The father of the girl has said that the courts should give her the maximum punishment.

    In married life, there should be absolute caring and sharing. In this case, the girl is on record of saying that her husband did not care for her. In fact, her marriage itself was a love marriage.

    What really happened is unclear. Yet, we should note the important lessons. Marriage is not for mere sex. It is much more than that. Apart from caring and sharing, the children should become the focus of our life.

    Perhaps the parents on either side have a major role too. Unfortunately, in this case, the man lost both his parents and this might have been a big loss for the children. The neighbors say that the
    girl was a very good girl and they did not know much about anything else.

    How can we prevent these kinds of incidents from ever happening again?
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    These days many incidents are happening like this. I don't know what is going wrong with this type of people. When we deeply get into the facts it is going down finally to the illegal contacts as the root cause. When the two people are involved in a lifelong relation called wife and husband through the marriage, they should learn how to adjust to each other. Then only the family will go together for long. Otherwise, this type of incidents will happen.
    A relation between a wife and husband should be seen always above the sexual relation. Their lives have to go together. The children will be their common property. They should take care of their children jointly. So they should understand each other and see that they will adjust with each other and live long happily. Otherwise, their children will also suffer from these partners.

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    When we open the television for morning news, we come across such news which are not only astonishing but also unbelievable but happened. Today only I came across a news that wife kills husband as he has the Insurance cover and also government job. She will get the the job and also lots of money and ready to part with the driver with whom she fell in love and the game was hatched. So this kind of new ideas easily enters into those minds where in the husband harass the wife for no reason and she has to get rid of bad husband. We can simply see such news and can do nothing.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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