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    Quality and quantity, both are important.

    Anywhere, our performance will always be measured by the quantity and quality of the work we perform. Quantity without quality is not appreciated. Quality alone may not be sufficient as quantity is also required for well being. Even on ISC also we have to get minimum points to maintain our membership level. In a year we have to score minimum points as prescribed by the ISC to retain our membership level. Otherwise, we will slide down to the next level or even to the next to the next level also. At the same time, the members should see that they will maintain the quality so that they will get awards, rewards and cash credits also. This is true in all our endeavours in our life. I hope members will agree.
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    Yes in a progressive organisation the bench mark is set for all the employees and workers and targets are given to be achieved and surpassed , then only the company can break even and profits starts pouring in and only the profit making companies are here to stand the competition. Likewise in ISC too one has to maintain the points to grab the rank and after having rank, one cannot sit idle as the nearest competitive member shall overtake your score and surpass the rank too and thus you are demoted. So maintaining quality and quantity is every important for our sustained presence and progress.
    K Mohan
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    Dr. Srinivasa Rao
    Quality and quantity doesn't go well proportionately. As the quality increases, the quantity also to be increased. Wrong. It is not applicable everywhere. Even at ISC, there are many threads not of good quality, yet they get their points. Supposing the quality of sugar is good, can we increase the quantity of sugar in a dish. Won't it make us diabetic? Like this there are many examples to quote. A medicine pill prescribed by a doctor is of good quality and effective, should we increase the quantity of medicine from one to two or three to get cured quickly?

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    What I mean to say is any of the two is not enough. Both are required. The art is in maintaining the productivity with quality. What is the use of producing 100 articles which are not fit for the purpose? At the same making, very low numbers with the highest quality are also of not advisable. We should see that both are balanced.

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    Quality and quantity are two important aspects about anything whether it is a product or material or process or even an abstract thing.

    In business world also these two are the most important considerations as they have implications in sales and profit making.

    Their relationship is a complex one and depending on the situation and other factors the correspondences take place.

    Maintaining quality when quantity increases is always a challenge for the manufacturers and producers alike.

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    I think it is a matter of choice; to me, quality is more important than quantity. There is no comparison between the two.

    Even on ISC, I prefer to voice my views only when I strongly feel about an issue, rather than jump into every thread, in an attempt to be the first one to respond. Quality matters to me, and I think I should be able to bring something new to the table, through my responses, and not just mimic the others and reframe things that have already been mentioned. To me, that is not quality.

    Even manufacturing units that do mass production of commodities have a quality control unit that checks the products for defects, just so that the brand maintains its quality.

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    Well, in a production unit both are important to keep the business going and in today's world where there is a cut-throat competition, it's hard to maintain the balance. In every industry there is a quality control department and it keeps a tab on the quality.

    There are many instances where we found that renowned companies are recalling their products because of some manufacturing defects. In ISC , it is basically writing. It is the platform to show the creativity with words. It can be said it is a form of art. When it comes to art, people always look for the quality. Members post articles and threads and their quality is judged by the others who are reading it as well as the editors.

    When it comes to the creativity of human mind , as in the case of every type of art, it cannot work like machines to produce the same thing at a higher rate. It takes time to think of a particular topic and work on it. So in case of art it is always quality that lingers in people's mind and in that case quantity plays a less important role.


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    Coming to the real quality what we are talking about, the best example of bridge collapse in Kolkatta can be mentioned here as the public money is lost, lives are lost by not maintaining quality and yet by citing cost escalation much amount has bee claimed.
    K Mohan
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    Mohan at #647624, can you clarify?
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    The bridge which was collapsed was of inferior quality as it already gained cracks and there was demand to look after the complaints. But authorities wont budge and the worst thing happened. You can see the trending on this happening and come to conclusion which coincides with my observation.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In an ideal world, quality and quantity are synergistic factors in most tasks, service sectors and activities. For me, quality is more important than quantity, unless the job is done by a computer or a robot.

    I personally believe quality helps in the long run to establish a brand name or brand reputation (for instance, Maglite torches, come with a lifelong warranty, this cannot be achieved without attention to quality). On the other hand, quantity helps in the short term to kick-start a venture, to get noticed etc.

    But, in the current business environment, it seems that focus on quantity takes more importance, for instance, the targets given to bank loans, policy agents, sales reps etc.

    Some time back, I raised a thread Quantity is better than Quality-New Mantra?.

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    Any where whatever we do quality is very important. Also we can't do anything alone with quality as quantity is important. Being in a manufacturing unit we have to look after the productivity and quality otherwise we can't survive.

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    Sanjeev, please do not pull up old threads by posting responses to threads that are ten or more days older and are no longer active. (Refer posting guidelines).
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