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    Are we habituated to be judgemental?

    It came crashing. People died, many are injured and being treated, the rescue operation and removal of debris is still on. But the debate continues everywhere, even at the national news channels. In times of tragedy, the social media is abuzz with comments and lampooning. People are so creative at this age of immense technical development. This has become our habit. Be it games, politics or tragedy we become too judgemental.

    Yesterday afternoon a flyover collapsed in Kolkata and there is a blame game at every level to find out who is responsible for it. The politicians, media and even the pedestrians are opining their views. Yes, everybody has an opinion and people have the right to express it, but is it justified to come to a conclusion before knowing in details about anything? Is it because of our compulsiveness that forces almost everybody to express their views or are we over reactive?
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    I am also one of the person who was trending with the subject and it is the fact that the Mamata Benerjee government has miserably failed to maintain the bridges which were reported to be cracking and only spade work of coloring has been done probably with the eye on the elections. Even I had shared photos where in there was lots of mud presence and less cement presence in the so called concrete structure. And now a days there are many people holding the smart cameras with them and thus within seconds the low quality of bridge construction and there after collapse was trending in media and social sites. The same social media also appreciated good things being done by the politicians and that time they feel elated and when the mistakes are brought out, the government cannot tolerate.
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    It is really unfortunate that we are giving our views in a judgemental tone on such mishaps or disasters.

    No one is talking to improve the quality of work in public sector. Until unless the quality of construction is improved and the governance in these matters is strengthened, nothing fruitful is going to happen.

    Like one other discussion this new event will also be burried in hue and cry of debate on TV channels.

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    The mishap that happened in Kolkata is an unfortunate one. The rescue and repair operations are of the foremost importance. The blame game is not going to help in any way except scoring political points and TRP ratings. The tendency of the media and the public being judgmental is happening all over the world. I can understand the people expressing their views but not the media. The duty of media is to inform the people of the facts and happenings but not being judgmental.
    The causes for the mishap and the remedial measures to be taken so that such mishaps do not occur in future are to be discussed once the rescue operations are completed. In our country, many projects are being implemented without strict quality control. Lack of quality control is resulting in poor quality constructions. Quality control is the key to many problems.

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    It is very unfortunate. The accident took place. Now postpartum is important for knowing the reasons for collapse and then take a decision regarding the nonrecurring of such incidents. There is no point in blaming each other. The affected public may comment against the government. But the media should not try to take an advantage out of this situation to increase their ratings. Also, the political leaders will take the advantage and blame the persons and parties. They will make it a point to work against the ruling party. The ruling party will also try to find out some excuses for the incident and say they are not responsible. This is a common trend in our country. Nothing new.
    Being Judgemental without knowing the facts is not correct. Before commenting on an issue we should understand the issue completely and then only we should speak. Otherwise, if anybody asks us how do you deal with the situation we may have to say we don't know the details and the people may laugh at us.

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    This is the time to remember the British who have constructed many strong bridges constructed with dedication and devotion to the public. They are still strong and alive. We Indian build bridges to earn money. That's the reason why the bridges constructed by Indians collapse. This is not only the bridge to collapse, but many bridges have collapsed earlier. I remember one such bridge in Goa in Panjim collapsed on the birthday of Mr. Jagjivan Ram who laid the foundation stone for the bridge.

    @ Governments should ensure solid construction of bridges without any room for scandal.

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    No. we are not habituated to be judgemental. The reason is that we the common people don't have that much time to spare on those things which can't even produce us a single penny to our bank account. For me the overall concept is of no basis. If I take an instance of myself then my morning starts with going for a morning walk then preparing for office with lots of traffic towards it & then busy with the schedule & coming down to my home after office looking after anything which needs to be taken care of. Finally after listening to debates on the I go to sleep. I only know at the end of the day that I need some entertainment & I am interested only in some productive debates & not on criticism or problems. All these are politically motivated & propagated by the political parties in the different news channels & we are well aware of the reasons here.

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