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    Muzzling simple voices of dissent

    A horrible incident has been reported from Tuticorin. A research scholar, who is studying in Canada, was going home by a flight to Tuticorin. He is said to have said something about the ruling party at the centre.

    The State Chief of the ruling party at the Centre, would have nothing of it. She registered a police complaint. The research scholar was arrested. Fortunately, the court negated the particular section under which the young lady was booked and allowed her to go on bail.

    Video clippings showed a very aggressive State Chief. Forget politics. The small incident is just a voice of dissent. Should such small voices of dissent be muzzled the way it has been attempted? Would not human rights be suppressed if such small voices of dissent are not allowed?
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    Now a days the politicians are getting jittery over the images and videos appear on the internet over their criticism and snubbing and thus they are no more tolerant and give their worst expression. I have been watching episode and the TN Chief of the ruling party at center over reacted and equally the police also over reacted. One thing is sure, in future too such arrests would happen as PM Modi went on record that people should not use social media for mudslinging the ruling party without proper evidence. So everyone should be careful to write anything against those in power.
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    No. The research lady was wrong to shout slogans against the ruling party onboard a flight. Aircraft is not a place to show our protest. Hence the leader complained, and the lady got arrested. The BJP Chief secretary of TN has done the right thing.

    @ I think, it will be a lesson taught to all, not to protest inside a flight or train or bus.

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    I agree with SUN. That research Scholar was shouting slogans against the ruling party in the flight. She should not have done it. The venue selected for expressing the dissent is also not correct. That is why all this happened, I think.
    We can express our views based on the issue. But we should not go for personal abuse without knowing the facts and figures. I think to some extent the complaint is genuine in this case.

    always confident

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