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    On this day respect your teachers, mentors and others helped you to become human being.

    On the occasion of Professor Radhakrishna Birthday, today it is also observed as the teachers day across the country and many schools are celebrating programs and function in honor of their teachers and students give their best presentation. On this day we at ISC also recall all those who were responsible to make us as a human being. It may be mother, teacher, friend, mentor, gurus, and others who gave good advise and tips through which we groomed ourselves and stand as a respected person in the society.
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    We are able to read this, since a teacher was there. Let us remember those respectable personalities on this day. India celebrate September 5th every year as Teachers' day, the day is the birth day of a great teacher of our country, who was the second President of this independent Nation. Dr. Sarveppally Radhakrishnan was more than a teacher. He was a philosopher and guide. It was to honour him that this day was selected as the National Teachers' day. Internationally October 5th is celebrated as the Teacher's day. Certain other countries have chosen still differentbdates. However, every nation gives importance to their teachers, who are involved in bringing up an educated, cultured and responsible generation in respective nations.
    We consider a teacher as a 'Guru' or as an 'Acharya'. The word 'Guru' means the one who dispels darkness. Similarly 'Acharya' is the one who shows the right path. A true teacher is doing both and a good disciple follows these principles in life.
    All of us know that 'vidya' is the real and true asset of a person. So education (vidyabhyasam) becomes the largest investment in one's life. In formal education teacher is the crucial factor. He/ she is helping to create this investment.
    In the beginning education was not considered as a job. Teachers were educating the students only as a duty. They never expected any returns from that. But when education became popular it became a job. Now it has become one of the highly paid jobs. This paved the way for starting several educational institutions and also converting them as a job creating centres.


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    Our first Vice President Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a well-known Philosopher and mentor. He was considered the best teacher by many international universities and educational institutes. Today is his birthday. On his birthday I like to pay my respect to this great leader of India.
    Today is celebrated as Teacher's day all over the country. In our culture, we give a lot of importance to a Teacher. We say he is the GOD. We learn from him and he is the person who made us what we are today. So we all should pray our respects to our teachers who are responsible for our success and wellbeing in our life.
    I wish all my teachers and all the members of ISC a happy teacher's day. On the occasion of Teacher's day my salutations to all my teachers.

    always confident

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    Yes. I remeber the names of my teachers from class I to class XI for whom I have high regards. They are:
    Miss Bhoopathy,(1&2nd std) Mrs. Esther(3), Mr Subramaniyam Iyer (4), Mrs Bhakyathai(5), Mr. Shunmuga Sundaram Pillai(6), Mr. Gopal Iyer (7) Mr. Govindaswamy(8 & Viii), Mr. Seetharama Iyer(10th), Mr. Naidu,(11th std) and Mr Lakhshmi Narayana Pillai(HM), And my typing teacher Mr.Mani. Further I remember my Hindi Teachers Sethu Ramalingam Pillai and Ramanujam Iyengar. And also my drawing teacher Mr. Bakshiraja Pillai.

    @ I think this is the suitable day to pay my tributes to them. All my teachers might be living in the Heaven, and must be blessing their students on this good earth.

    No life without Sun

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    Parents are the first teacher of a child and throughout the life one comes across different teachers. It's from the teachers we learn the values and for them we became what we are.
    My poetic tribute to all my teachers, including my parents also.

    When I was born, you taught me how to talk
    When I was four, I went to school and it's a long walk
    A new journey filled with fun each day
    I found new teachers who showed me the way

    The task you gave, when became too hard
    You, the teacher, always held my hand
    I learned from you about things beyond a book
    The ways to glance a far and to develop new outlook

    The crave for knowledge and to know the unknown
    I came across many teachers and following the path they shown
    The home, the school and the college apart
    I salute all the teachers who gave my life a new start


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    While participating in the function celebrated on the occasion of teacher's day in a school at Salem,Tamilnadu,the district collector Ms.Rohini bent before the Headmistress in the dias and told in her speech that because of the teachers she reached this level. It inducts in every children's heart about the role of teachers.

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    Why just "on this day"? Why not every day?

    You and some of the other members have in the past questioned the practice of Mother's Day & Father's Day, citing reasons that parents should be respected every day and the need for one day, in a calendar year is not required to honour them. So, why the change of heart, when it comes to honouring teachers? Why not carry forward the same rigid belief when it comes to teachers?

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    In Tamil, there is a saying in a song - Mathaa, Pithaa, Guru, Deivam (Mother, Father, Teacher and God) Ivar Malaradi Dhinam Dhinam Vananguthal Seivom (Let us touch their feet and worship daily).

    Here I would say that it is possible for us to see and touch the feet of our parents every day, and we can visit the temple to see the God regularly everyday. But after leaving the school or college, can we find our Guru everyday to see and touch their feet and worship? Hence, we feel that the Teacher's day is an ideal day to pay our tributes to our Masters who taught us. Everyday is the God's day. So we don't celebrate God's day. If we have lost our parents, we would touch and worship their photos. Do we keep the photo of our school or college teachers at home? No.

    @ This could be the reason why we and Mohan asked why should we celebrate Mother's day or Father's day or Parent's day.

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    Well every one follows the teacher on this day the mention has been made. But we are free and allowed to follow and respect our teachers always.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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