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    Why some says that let the flowers be on the plant and do not pluck it !

    Suppose you are entering a sprawling house with huge garden with lots of flower bearing plants and surely on seeing the blooming flowers of rose or other flowers you are tempted to pluck it either for the offering to God or for the self. But my sister and her friend entered the premises of such grand house in their colony , did pluck the yellow rose which found to be attractive and this was done without the permission of the owner. And on the expected lines the owner chided my sister for plucking the same and she got deeply hurt. Flowers are for God and human beings and not for just show purpose. What do you say ?
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    Are you serious? Do you have no respect for someone else's property? How can someone pluck a flower that is growing on another's property, and that too without the owner's permission?

    This kind of behaviour is unacceptable. You can do what you want in your own house, in your own garden, but to take such liberties on someone else's property is uncouth behaviour.

    I do not understand this concept of flowers are for gods and humans. Spend some money and buy the flowers, if you need them for the gods; there are flower vendors who make home deliveries too. Don't pluck flowers that are planted for aesthetics. People who love plants devote a lot of time, effort and money, in caring for them. And they do so because they like doing it. They enjoy the beauty of the flowers.

    Your sister and her friend were definitely at fault. Their behaviour was improper.

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    Flowers are not meant for Gods and human beings. They are mainly meant for the bees to live. It belongs to the nature to look attractive and beautiful to the eyes. It should be seen and enjoyed not plucked. God never asked the human to decorate him with flowers. We are doing it to please him for our betterment. We carry coconuts, bananas and flowers to Him. But we bring back the coconut and banana to eat, but the flower is thrown away the next day.

    It was okay if your sister plucked a flower from a roadside plant or from a no man's land. But plucking it from a garden of someone without their permission is not acceptable, and considered as a crime. It is like stealing someone's property.

    @ Never ever pluck the flowers from other's garden or from a public park. Grow your own plant and do whatever you want. Garland it to God, or let your family use it to look good. Buy it from the market if you like to offer it to God.

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    It's not just about plucking the flowers, it's more about interfering with nature. Everything that exists in nature has a purpose & accordingly a life-cycle. As soon as the purpose is fulfilled, it ceases to exist. When we interfere with the natural process, we somehow disturb it. The true appreciation of a beauty is to see it as it is.

    Some argue that the flower would have died anyway, what is wrong if we pluck it. But that is not the right argument. Even we are going to die anyway, that doesn't mean that others have the right to kill us as per their whims and fancies.

    God created everything, we can't please Him by hurting his own creations.

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    Plucking flowers from other's garden without asking for their permission, is not acceptable. When you want to pluck a flower, you should ask the owner of the garden and then only you should touch them. Your sister might have asked the house owner before plucking the flower.
    Many people grow plants and they will see that the garden will be good looking with flowers on the trees. They never like plucking the flowers. My wife always says that flowers should not be plucked unnecessarily. In Hyderabad, I have seen many people do this. Early in the morning while going for their walk they will carry a plastic bag and collect flowers by plucking wherever it is possible. If somebody pluck flowers from our house also my wife will never accept. But if somebody requests her, she may oblige.

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    Isn't taking something - anything - without permission an act of theft? Even if the garden is of a friend or of a relative, surely it is basic good manners to ask first? Would it be ok if somebody admires a beautiful arrangement of flowers in a vase on your table and just reaches out and takes one flower? Just as we teach our children to always say "Please may I...." before taking or doing something, as adults, too, this is surely applicable.

    I would say the owner was more hurt, that somebody should take it for granted that it is perfectly Ok to pluck a flower from the garden. Keep in mind that relationships can be torn asunder even through such a small action as stealing a flower. It would be better for the person who took the flower to apologize instantly, saying "I am sorry, I should have asked first." and ensure the action is not repeated again either in that same place or elsewhere.

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    Oh my God wholesome responses. Surely I will pass these comments to my sister to behave.
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    It is very true that it is an act of great ill manners if we pluck floweres from one's garden. In my opinion, it is equally bad to pluck flowers from any plant whether it is ours or it is public park.

    Flowers are the beautiful work of nature and they keep the environment serene and enlighten.

    Let them be there, they make the place bright; do not pluck them, they are the nature's light.

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    This happens more often at parks and flowering plants and trees that overhang the compound and within reach of people walking on the footpaths.

    It's the way to view the plant as a living entity, admire its full beauty. The counterview is that some feel, anyway it goes wasted in the tree or plant, why not pluck and use it. It's different views of different people, of course, this is overridden by the concept of respect for one's personal property and belongings.

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    Flowers are the part of the tree, it's neither for god nor humans. It's our choice to use them in different ways. Many people use flowers for worship or to give to another person. Flowers in a tree always enhance the beauty of the environment and it always looks good when the tree is full of flowers. I have seen many people collecting the flowers which have automatically fallen down from the tree to offer for their daily worship. We know plants are living beings and it hurts them when there is any outside intervention. Actually whatever looks beautiful and within our access, we try to possess them. But when that becomes someone else's property we cannot have access to them without their permission. So to pluck flowers from the tree of another individual without due permission is tantamount to stealing and hence caused anger to that owner.

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    Hi, If we pluck the flower from the plant it means we have taken the life of that beautiful flower. Flower looks beautiful when it is connected with that plant who cares about it. As soon as we pluck it from its source flower lost everything for which it is loved. We must understand or let others to know about this.

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